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Rik Kershaw-Moore
Roleplayer, geocacher and crypto-wonk - something in that order.
Roleplayer, geocacher and crypto-wonk - something in that order.
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Got home to discover the latest Cryptogram waiting for me with 2 lovely Headlines for me to get to grips with :-)

Today feels like I have taken 2 steps forward and about 12 back.  Just can't see where I am going wrong with a headline.  

I've created a seemingly correct EPC which enabled full translation of the headlines but I cannot seem to derive the SETTING.  It is highly frustrating.

What is worse this is a mess of my own making :-)

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Whilst doing some research into cold-war ciphers I ran across this.

The Bletchley Park 1944 Cryptographic Dictionary.  Makes for fascinating reading.

Love all the really quirky entries like BANBURISMUS or CLONK.  Really brings home how Heath Robinson (Rube Goldberg) this whole thing was.

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Anyone suggest a good resource on HAT solving?

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About time - the Rivers of Heaven Kickstarter is out there :-)


My word of the day is Beastly.  Sums up how I feel, the weather and all of the rest of it...  

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Whilst some things are pretty important, somethings are even more so.  This has to be one of the most important - especially as your wonderful NHS refused to help...!

Lets get the message out there shall we?
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