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My cat, Ticks!
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Tens unit: PT vs Play.
So I am at PT, with my back and neck hooked up to the tens unit.  I can’t feel the right side very much, so they the left side gets turned up quite high.  I am told to tell them until ‘you can feel it on your right side’ or ‘it becomes too much on your left...

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and the count down begins
In 14 days ten hours, I will be setting in the doctor’s
office that will make or break me.  I
need to tell me everything.  This
appointment will tell me when I can move on, if I will ever be able to.     Will I be allowed to move on?  Is it safe for me to m...

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Giving up
I just feel like giving up sometimes and I can't control it.  I hate it.  I want that feeling to go away.  It is difficult to sit back and keep trying. I blew a job interview. I made a fool of myself at a party over the weekend missing a joke... I think I d...

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Am I making excuses? for not dating
Is it possible I am simply making excuses for not ‘dating’
or playing?  I mean I have headaches that
are killer and the slightest touch would send me into a killer headache.  I do tire easily.  Now my hand will go numb and I can lose use
of it.  My one frie...

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Moving out on my alone
I realized I have lived with a dominate personality since I
was 20, someone who always told me what to do. 
December ’05 to November ’06 was with my brother and his wife and their
two year old.  My sister in law pretty
much is the type that it is better to ...

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My birthday
I am happy it is over.  Perhaps a little too happy.  See I hate my birthday.  It was yesterday.  I don't get out of bed on my birthday.  I usually request off of work, skip class (when I was in college).  My grandmother's was on the 3rd and we celebrated to...

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Try, Try, Try
Try to clean the bathroom, too clean or not enough. Save kittens, 'I miss my cat.' Well, why the fuck didn't you get the fucking thing sp...

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They changed my pain cream without telling me.  It better be the same shit.  I will be pissed, if not.  Aren't they suppose to warn you a...
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