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Minttusuklaa H
20-year old woman, who loves God, knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking and driving a car
20-year old woman, who loves God, knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking and driving a car

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Frog-projects and new ideas
I've been sick this week, I don't know what it is. Most likely just a "normal" flu, but still I haven't felt like doing anything, except to go to school. After a long almost-a-battle I finally managed to finish my next #uglyarn project, which is a total fro...

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Octopus Family *free pattern
Hello all and happy weekend! I had time to write down my octopus family pattern yesterday. I had taken down a few notes about how I did the octopus family. This is just a quick note about how I made them, so I think that there might be a few mistakes and sp...

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Old yarn
Hello all, There has been just so much to do during past week, some things were very stressful and other things also a bit sad, but I've noticed that God is good all the time and I'm so glad that we are blessed with a weekend 😄, and sheep that produce wool...

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'Toy factory' feeling
Hello, Friday evening This weekend I've totally felt that I have a toy factory in my room! I've had couple of unfinished softies hanging around and I still have, but yesterday and today I got around to finish them. This is what my table looked like on Frida...

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Winter winter
Best winter greetings for all, I've had a looooooong study week, days from 8 a.m and sometimes even until 6 p.m. I hope that I've learnt something. I'm glad I've had time to knit and do some sports, yesterday I was skiing (in the dark, I forgot my light hom...

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Time well spent
Hi all, I've been knitting so much this past week that I have a blister on my finger and believe it is annoying, I'll probably have to do some crocheting or sewing for a while or change knitting needles to bamboo ones. I've had very long days at uni and lec...

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Hello all! The picture above is my button collections, I absolutely love buttons and I think I've inherited that from my great-grandmothers, they all are deceased but I guess that everyone one of them (or at least 3/4) collected or had buttons treasured som...

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#uglyyarn continues
Hello all, My #uglyyarn-project is going quite well. I got projects number 2 and 3 done. Both are baby stuff, even though I'm not having kids in any near future. But I hope that my frineds get married and have kids. I had very old Novita Kotiväki yarn, I pr...

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Slow progress
Hello, Last spring I knitted two dolls and they've been hidden in my knitting basket and waiting for clothes and accessories. This weekend I just had the motivation to finish one of them: The pattern is my own (and I'm not completely satisfied with it yet) ...

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#uglyyarn #stashbusting
Hello, my studies began this week and we've had lectures about different mental disorders (is that politically correct?) and because I don't bother taking notes, (maybe I should, but I still don't) I have time to knit and concentrate to what the lecturer is...
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