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Vi ses i morgen!
Hej Mom! I LOVE YOU! See you tomorrow . :)

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Go big or go home... or both!
Well, I'm not sure what will
be happening next Monday so I think this will probably be the last
big note home of my mission. OH MY the time has just flown! I
don't really know what to say - there have been so many miracles, struggles,
high points, low point...

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This Wonderful Week
OK before I tell you about this wonderful week I have some important questions. 1. Do you have to do anything to make sure the stake president knows I need to be released? 2. Am I giving a homecoming talk? And if so, when? 3. Is there going to be a family t...

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Horsens is on FIRE!
So last night I had the trunkiest dream ever. Seriously! The whole fam came here to Denmark to pick me up, and the moment I saw you all I started to cry (tears of joy of course). I'm not feeling too trunky, I love being here where I am, but I'm definitely e...

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Danish Word of the Week: Fnug
It has been a wonderful  Monday ! Søster Van Orden, my new companion, is a rock star. She is so diligent and hard-working and so so motivating to be around. She's also hilarious and has an amazing singing voice - she's studying music, theater, and dance at ...

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It all comes back to love
Hejsa! I am getting so ready for valentines day! Thanks to a great package you sent, or two! Thanks so much for both of them! It was really sweet to get love from home! The CTR rings are so cute... I'll make good use of them! It's a great day. It's been a f...

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A Privilege
Time goes SO FAST! But it hasn't really hit me yet, like, I know I'm going home in a month but I feel like I'll be here for the rest of my life. Sometimes it does get to me though, like when we're walking on cobblestone streets and the sun is setting and th...

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A Lovely Snow Day
I agree, time is slipping by so so fast. It's kind of making me have a panic attack, you know what I mean? Sister Hale has two weeks. TWO WEEKS left on her mission. If I hadn't extended, I would also have 2 weeks left! I'm really really glad I extended, for...

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Good Times in Horsens
This week has also been very exciting, but in different ways! No museum break-ins for us, but I had YET ANOTHER flat tire and finally gave in and took the bike in to the shop. It's doing really well now, and I'm sure it'll be in good shape for at least a fe...

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Hej Med Jer!
Hej med jer! It has been way warm here for winter time - I love it! we've mostly gotten rain, not snow - which is kind of sad because i think snow is beautiful, but kind of great because biking in the snow is not the most enjoyable thing. It's been way wind...
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