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Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to this question but will ask it anyway. Is the email quota based on the account or is it based on the number of emails generated by each spreadsheet?

I'm really hoping the spreadsheet, but have a feeling it's by account!

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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Anyone know of a way to disable the blue dialogue box when you start up Notebook? It was appearing in both 16.2 and now in 17.1.

It's quite annoying and in a world that values making things more efficient, it is IN-efficient have to have to close boxes each and every time you open a file. :-)

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Had a student come in this morning with his personal Chromebook (we are a BYOD that only manages users not devices), and upon logging in, his browser takes him directly to the Chrome Help for "Enable or Disable Cookies."

I see that he is logged into Chrome under settings, but when I click on Drive or other apps, it is asking for his credentials again. He he puts his credentials in and it loops back to the Chrome Help site for cookies again.

I've looked at all his settings in Chrome and they are all set to the recommended options. I've check the admin console and reset sign-in cookies, but nothing seems to allow him to access his apps. Checked his extensions and nothing is installed that looks to be suspicious.

Where would you suggest I check next?

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Available for a quick brainstorm? Looking for some brainstorming about a Sugar Cube Arch building challenge for our Middle School House groups! Thanks for considering!
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Updated Notebook this morning and now trying to troubleshoot this lovely error.

Running 64bit, Win8.1 Enterprise. 

Anyone have any suggestions??

Thank you!

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Looking to see if anyone has had success creating flip lesson videos using the screen record feature in Notebook while using a Pen / Touch pad instead of a Board? I use the board at school, but want to have the functionality of writing while prepping lessons at home. Thinking that a touch pad (similar to the link below) would work well for writing on slides and creating videos?  

If anyone has experience or would be interested in suggesting a product, I'm all ears!
Thanks in advance for any recommendations 

I didn't fully scour ALL the posts in the user section to see if this question had been asked, but I was wondering if any of you have a down and dirty way to bulk move users from one OU to another? Thanks for any resources or thoughts you have on this topic! 

I tried looking in GAM code and got in over my head a little bit more than I wanted too!

Kind of a creepy behavior with a colleague's laptop and Notebook. Randomly, text or objects in NB files will select and move themselves on the page. She is running Win8 with a touch screen laptop, which she swears when it happens, no one is at her computer. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I'm attempting to rule out Windows updates and the Notebook update as culprits.

The whole thing is kind of creepy. I did double check and make sure that our school was not built over an ancient native american burial ground ;-)

I am working with a school who was attempting to sign up for GAFE, but after completing the initial online application they were told the school already had an account. None of the current staff members remember signing the school up. What would be the best course of action going forward for the school?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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I've got a live one here!

Had a laptop running Win 8 that was in need of an update notebook from v.14 to v14.3. After using the update option inside of Notebook and getting everything installed, the teacher attempted to open a notebook file on her desktop that she uses daily. When she opened the notebook file, it indeed DID open the file, but it also generated a random folder at the same location of the notebook file and named it with random looking characters. Inside of the newly created and randomly named folder is a "SMART Notebook" folder with a "ToolsMenu" XML file. 

I've only been able to generate this behavior with only Notebook files (Saving and opening Word/Excel/PPT files does NOT generate this kind of behavior). Is this Malware behavior, or is there something in Notebook that I'm not doing or did incorrectly? Thoughts?

Thanks in Advance! Appreciate everyone who takes time to contribute!
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