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A Day in the Life of Homeschooling
In anticipation of Simple Homeschool's Day in the Life Community Link Up next week, I figured that it would be a good exercise for me to record what happens on a "typical" day of school with the sprouts. I took notes throughout our day yesterday, and this i...

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A New-ish Year
'Tis the season for setting goals and making resolutions. Personally, I prefer a more year-round approach to personal growth and learning through change, but sometimes that return from a nice, long holiday break provides a great opportunity to experiment. T...

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Setting Goals in Project-Based Homeschooling
A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit about my new role as a teacher-mentor under Project-Based Homeschooling . This week, I wanted to share how we have started incorporating basic goal-setting skills into our PBH journey. Ideally, I would like to get to t...

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Getting Started with Project-Based Homeschooling
At the beginning of our school year, I decided that I wanted to set some  clear goals for learning . After a lot of thought,  I finally settled on: focus , persistence , asking questions , solving problems , and self-motivation . A few weeks into the year, ...

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Art Theme, Week 8 (Space)
We made it to the last week of our art theme-- huzzah! It was a really fun theme, but it was also challenging to finish because our homeschool day is undergoing a major shift toward more child-directed and project-based learning. The upshot of sticking thro...

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Art Theme, Week 7 (Form)
We are nearing the end of our Art Theme, and thankfully we've managed to maintain our interest! First Sprout is back to enjoying the projects a lot more, especially since I've loosened my expectations and allowed her more freedom to simply explore the mater...

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Art Theme, Week 6 (Texture)
We did indeed end up taking a week off in between parts 5 and 6 of our Art Theme; however, it wasn't quite the relaxing break I had anticipated. As usual, life threw us a curve ball and we would have needed the week off to handle things anyway. But rather t...

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Art Theme, Week 5 (Pattern)
I've seen Pattern on some lists of art elements but not others. I decided to include it because: (1) it also hits math standards, and (2) it seemed like a good fit for our studies of Alma W. Thomas this week. If I'm really, really honest though, it was a ro...

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Autumnal Equinox 2015
Fall is pretty much my favorite season. I love the weather, the clothes, the food, the colors, the holidays. Everything about fall is amazing. So we are making it an annual tradition to take our break from our usual school routine to celebrate the first day...

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Art Theme, Week 4 (Shape)
So far, we have covered Color , Line , and Value as part of our Art Theme. Last week, we also added Shape to our repertoire of art elements, and we studied the work of Jackson Pollack. It ended up being one of the more fun (and messy) weeks so far! I introd...
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