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Antonio “Fast VW Tuning” Lopez
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Did you solve the problem?
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Oooppppppppsssss,, I should not share this one,,, but oooppppppppsssss just went
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Henry J
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CLA 45 AMG Performance 
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Yup Pats will WIN.
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+Tony Garcia Well now you know how it is when your team is constantly accused of cheating around here. They got caught, they got fined, it's done with. Not sure why they got penalized so much if they didn't do anything wrong.
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Just in case,, Your Google Chrome is not working properly 
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there wasn t, isn t or won t be never just the one best player of all time.
This  designation alone is rhetorical nonsense.  but ultimately only serve to the never-ending conversation piece round about  the machinery  NFL .its simple: its all about money. by generating+continuing pseudo-controversies  (coz everybody has an opinion to this thread) they establish some sort of emotional binding and a "im a semiproffessional nfl- expert"feeling by all fans and me, too.(coz im NO exception in this.). next week they come up with another question which also can t be solved.every fan has his own personal opinion and has no doubts to make it matter how absurd the arguments be. quick example: ähmmm hows bout that: the nfl plans to expand their popularity(means makin more money): from the upcoming season on there will be every weekend at least 3 games played in europe(on various locations). Whats ur opinion as a primal american fan? lets go.... 
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Belleville, NJ
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I think I just can't review it,,, who owns this Franchise ? Please someone save this location God !
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14 reviews
First experience, too good
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Next Time I will check reviews first. FOOD Delicious , DONT KNOW ??????, Service is very poor, makes the place look really bad,,, in a Puertorican food Restaurant you order a Lemonade and they serve You Kool aid Lemonade,,, please God,,, Positive Criticism is Progress depends on which way it's taken. SERVICE IS COMPLETELY POOR. After waiting over 45 min I still can't say if appetizers are good or not....still waiting. Next table people came 25 minutes after us, they have bread, they have the appetizers and the Hookah,,, well we left and not even tasted a chicken finger. Never, never, never again,,, McDonald's down the road is more accurate and organized. Shamefully.
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Good Service and Accuracy even at busy days,,,
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