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Natalia Henry
Tech Geek. Gamer. Music Whore. Kinda wish i was British.
Tech Geek. Gamer. Music Whore. Kinda wish i was British.

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So I feeling I'm slowly losing interest in him. The reason? Because he is exactly not my type of guy. He's sweet, considerate and a great listener but his old school ways don't fit my edgy futurist accommodations. I'm all about the cutting edge, living on the fast track with being connected.. While he rather stay at home and interact with people he casually sees at work. The problem is we are two much the same and I can't have someone who is comfortable. I want someone who can balance out the differences between him and I. If it's not my cups of tea, it should be his visa versa. I could see this not working out as I am willing to bend and he most likely won't. We are looking for the same things, I think in just the wrong person... Sigh..... Worst part is I don't want to give it up because he is nice but it's accepting the small things that bothers me.... 

Finally finished tomb raider.. So now my monthly gaming list is as followed

Gravity rush (Beaten)
Tomb Raider (Beaten)
Assassin Creed 3 (Unfinished)
Alan Wake (Unfinished)

2 more to go 

I want to flash over to the M3 release for cm 10.1 but I need some type of update on how it works. I have a sprint variant of the S3. Any bugs? If so, what are they? 

Anyone try out the M3 release yet for the S3? I want to make sure everything works before I jump 


I'm looking for a phone to upgrade to from my S3. So far there are 4 possible interest, however they come with pros and cons. The list goes...

1. HTC One
1. Ultra pixel Camera
2. Sense looks pretty good this time around
3. The design is amazing
4. Comes in a bigger space capacity
5. Screen resolution
1. HTC is terrible at updating
2. Rooting will be a hassle
3. Non removable battery
4. The camera is only 4MP
5. Sense is still kind of bloated besides looking good.
6. Button layout (Ugh)

Samsung GS4
1. New Quad core processor
2. Better camera
3. New cool functions
4. Expandable space and battery
5. Easy root
6. Screens resolution

1. Touchwiz is ugly
2. It's too big
3. Cyanogen Devs not supporting it
4. The design is very uninspiring and just ugly

Sony Xperia Z
1. Screen
2. Sony skin is very manageable
3. Camera camera camera!
4. Design
5. Waterproof and dust proof
6. Expandable storage

1. Non removable battery
2. Sony has odd upgrade schedules
3. The phone is very expensive and isn't in America
4. It's big

Nexus 4
1. Pure android experience
2. Updated camera
3. No need to root
4. Guaranteed updates
5. Perfect size
6. Very affordable

1. Only comes in 16GB
2. Non removable battery and no expandable storage
3. Forces 'cloud'
4. It's not as thin as the other phones
5. It's made by LG

So I have no idea which one I want but what do you guys think? 

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I feel like the Nexus is about to be the bomb

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