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er... the mouth is too wide... but still it looks like him :D
I dont find this much as a tribute to michael and something you should be putting on a FAN page...its actually kind of well as the one below it
Couldnt you have found another picture to edit cuz this is just terrible
I don´t like that picture, because it´s terrible!!!! 
that doesnt look like him.....hes not a fat head
What The Hell!!! People these days have no other ways to waste their lives, do they? Why would you do that to him!
well.... can someone tell me who draw this? Because I think this picture was like.... ugh. yeah. It can be done a lot better!
eww rubbish horrible i vomited on my computer
i almost fainted from shock (evil grin). I think even a fan like me might resent the artist(even if he/she is having good intentions)
That is just disturbing and RUDE!My friend said "oh gosh!,"thats not something you wanna see!Sorry who ever drew this but this is terrible!
I hate this picture and whoever made it is sick? hate hate hate people like this yuk? ???
i know right and if they dont like michael y do they even bother him
Some one needs art lessons (tip:at lest a few years)dont mean to offend any one but this is not good sorry
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