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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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Customer Based Engagement

"A comment on a page is not necessarily customer engagement leading that individual to a buying decision." +Zara Altair analyzes this really well and makes some very interesting points. 
The Bits That Build Customer Engagement

Engage Your Customer

Customer engagement has grown into a buzzword in digital marketing, especially for content creation. The ultimate goal of your online presence is to transform a site visitor into a consumer. Customer based engagement is a broad term which requires a deep understanding of how people learn and how they take action.

A comment on a page is not necessarily customer engagement leading that individual to a buying decision.

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Truth From Fiction

How the brain decides what is true and what isn't will also affect how your brand and your marketing is perceived. 

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Keep Soldiering On!

On days when the workload is pretty tough and even coffee doesn't work too well it's posts like this that remind me to just keep pushing on, delivering value to those who need help with their work.

h/t +Eduard Dimitrov

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One Robocar Raced Another and then one crashed and the other avoided running over an animal...

It sounds like the beginning of a 21st century fairy tale. :) It's not. It's an experiment using AI to determine how cars perform at high speeds in a largely controlled environment. It makes for interesting reading: 

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Getting Along

“Can we get along?” asked Rodney King ( of Los Angeles rioters back in 1992. Thanks to the unfortunate incident in which he experienced unjustified levels of violence he perhaps had a unique perspective on the fortitude it takes to get along not just with those around you but with those you feel have somehow wronged you.

Dealing with toxic people, learning to get past perceived slights requires a healthy sense of self-awareness ( and a sound emotional base, at individual level. Most people, of course, tend to avoid conflict. But if we’ve learnt anything over extensive interactions in G+ it’s that healthy questioning can frequently lead to a greater degree of honesty than simply blindly accepting something simply because someone has said it:

The problem with being questioned is that frequently it feels like an attack which means that a response may have to feed into a win/lose scenario when, actually, this is not the case: It helps when we have a broad enough perspective to understand that even when we come up against individuals or corporations that appear to be evil, they are reacting to the environmental parameters they find themselves in:

When even the Klingons can join the Federation ( it would seem that most relationships can be reduced to a transactional root ( where perceived self-gain is the motive power that drives us forward. That, of course, presents a narrow point of view. One that doesn’t always take into account trust ( which itself is part of a much broader, equation that’s written in our behavior.

If we are wired to trust ( and have also evolved complex, knowledge-based strategies for apportioning it ( is it fair to say that self-gain or at least self-interest does not immediately come into that picture? The theory of Transactional Analysis ( suggests that all behavior is motivated by self-gain but the parameters through which that is expressed can often be broad enough to include selflessness and altruism (

The picture that emerges appears to be complicated, particularly when we attempt to include all human behavior in it but as I wrote in The Tribe That Discovered Trust ( we choose to trust for the same reasons we choose to cooperate ( – it provides a viable shortcut to energy expenditure and creates a more optimized existence for us, as individuals. By extension the principle is the same where companies, organization and countries are concerned.

It would appear we are as hardwired to trust ( as we are hardwired to cooperate, presumably because those ancestors of ours who did neither, didn’t survive long enough in the world to pass on their genes. Admittedly our societies sprung from less enlightened models and we still hark back to them at times ( Trusting and cooperating take more time, more thinking, and a greater degree of engagement than a rules-based, tit-for-tat mutually assured destruction type of relationship. But that’s exactly what also makes them worth so much more.

Despite our hardwiring we are always capable of acting against our own self-interest by taking a much more narrow approach. We can, as an example, smoke an entire pack of cigarettes, drink a bottle of wine in one sitting or eat an entire chocolate cake because these acts activate the intrinsic reward system in our brains. The fact that all of these actions are usually filed under “self-destructive behavior” suggests that at least where they are concerned we know what’s good and what’s bad for us.

We still have to learn to be better: Evolution may have shaped us to get along ( but we still need to consciously make the choices that lead us to that point. Having precious few instincts we are the products of our own conscious and unconscious actions ( That makes us responsible for a whole lot more than we actually think: To get along we need to create the right reality for ourselves. We need to be the conscious architects of the world we want to live in and then help those around us, through our conduct, to construct their own reality. The areas where those realities overlap are the realities in which we can cooperate, co-create, co-produce and get along. That is something which will not just happen. We are the ones who will have to work to make it happen.

I hope you've done the right thing (again) and are fully equipped with plenty of coffee and cookies, donuts, croissants and chocolate cake. All the things, in sort, required to make this day feel special. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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Interview On Darebee

Alexander Fox spent almost 90 minutes talking to me about fitness and data and science and business and how all this is now part of a transformational global economy which is driven by our focus on real value and the things that really matter.

+Neila Rey and the +DAREBEE project are about as radical in their approach and thinking as you can imagine.

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By Popular Demand

Loki now gets to have his own Collection. ;) Nike is dead jealous!. 

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The Narrative of Self

If you can't tell a story you can't live it. If you can't live it you don't know who you are or who you want to become. If you don't know who you are you don't know where you're going. If you don't know where you're going, you don't know why you should do anything.

You then have no deep direction, a sense of self, meaning in your life or a purpose for living. A business, a brand a person need all of this not to exist but to truly live.

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Around 5.00pm Loki likes to come out for a a few minutes for a hug. He goes to bed around 5.20 - 5.30pm and he is tired by then so he just likes to be held and gently stroked. Here he is almost dozing off. :)

I think he will soon need his own Collection. These Public posts do not really do him justice. What do you think. Too much? 

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Search In Everything

It's impossible to separate search from everything else and still arrive at something meaningful. 
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