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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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The Happiness Formula

Today is International Happiness Day. There is, apparently, a formula on how to be happy. You can find out about it here: and quite serendipitously I talked about one of its key components just yesterday: Have one awesome, happy Monday!

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A 5,000 Year Old Cold Case Solved

By recreating the Iceman's last three days Detective Inspector Alexander Horn of the Munich Police managed to determine, motive, opportunity and cause. This is a fascinating story made only more so by the fact that over 5,000 years we seem to have changed so little.

Our technology is better, but not our behavior. Dive in, it's not too long and it is truly fascinating. 

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The Lightness of Being

I’ve exercised all my life. It was a chance discovery when I was around 12 that showed me that whatever I felt, happy, sad, depressed or elated could be channeled into the ephemeral construct of physical activity and its sensation transformed. The good things I felt, then magnified, somehow felt better. The bad things were diminished. Made to seem inconsequential. Exercise, I found, ground me. Anchored me. Made me feel alive and real and the inevitable barriers it pushed my efforts up against deflated my younger self’s sense of ego and self-importance. My self-centeredness vanished. I loved it. I made it my drug of choice.

Stripped of the sense of entitlement that ego demands I’ve always felt at peace during and after exercise. Which is why I have always found ways to train even when I haven’t felt like training, or had had to cut back down on an already stripped-to-the-bone sleep schedule so I can get an hour’s physical training in.

The importance of the psychology of exercise is beginning to be understood. ( We all know exercise is good for us ( we are also beginning to understand just how deeply ingrained it is in the ancient roots of the bodies we live in ( and its persistent effects on our minds (

The complex biochemistry that makes our bodies affect our minds ( means that getting physical is the one key we can use to unlock the depths of the area between our ears ( This, of course, begs the interesting question of why do we find it so hard to exercise? And Emily Balcetis’ TED talk on the subject is both eye-opening and enlightening ( highlighting the complexity of ancient drives and seemingly good choices that have the effect of getting in our way and making us our own worst enemies.

It’s not only that we feel better psychologically and physically when we train, we also feel better when we train as we age ( and that is key to just having a better quality of life, overall: The ancient Greeks believed in “a sound mind in a sound body” ( and made exercise into a form of informal worship. They felt duty-bound to keep themselves the best they could as a thank you to their gods (

We now have the science that validates their creed ( if not necessarily their cosmological view. Of late I have been actively involved in the Darebee Project ( started by +Neila Rey. Designed to simply make fitness accessible and fun and to provide for those who go deeper an anchor in a fluid world ( With adherents from all over the world ( what is fascinating is the voices of some of those who have found their way to it:

What we see, as data comes in, is that age appears to not be quite the barrier we think it to be: and that the more we exercise the more we improve: Exercise is more than a way to feel good ( It is, it would appear, a way to stop feeling old:

Some of the reasons why exercise is traditionally so hard to maintain were unpacked in a recent podcast interview I gave as part of my work for Darebee: Some of the answers are provided by perhaps the most unlikely of sources, the CDC:

We live in a world where uncertainty is the norm, change is constant and the challenges never stop. It is wrong to think of life as something that stops for us the moment we retire or the moment we get past 30. If we live and breathe, it is a struggle. Exercise helps us become more resilient (

It helps us reset when we are mentally tired: It helps us become smarter: and it improves the inner connections of all the disparate parts of what we call “self”: To work it needs to be neither hard, nor painful. It just needs to be fun and it requires a little imagination: (how else would you be able to transform yourself into a fierce Samurai warrior, in your living room, holding half a broomstick?).

I sometimes play around recreating film moments, like the opening sequence of The Raid ( - that allow me to momentarily escape into a make-believe world.

If we live and breathe, it is a gift the world has given us. What we then do with that gift is our way of paying the world back. We need to be as healthy as possible to do that.

One of the benefits of exercise is that on at least one day of the week you can indulge in cookies and croissants, donuts and chocolate cake and since the health benefits of coffee are now well documented ( and even W.H.O. recommends it ( it goes without saying that there should be a massive coffee pot on hand, today. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.


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We Are Present And We Are Active

There is a seeming push from political powers across the globe to sideline us, weaken us, erase us. There are more of us than anybody else. And we are not going away. This is our world.

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Hooman It's Almost Summer

Nike's been enjoying the warm, sunny weather and I have been struggling to be as productive as I need to be as a result. :) 

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A Reminder on the Complexities of Semantic Search

Like we really needed any :) but ... still.

I am working on a presentation for the Click-It Summit ( and this made me hungry :) - plus it shows the complexity of what we are doing. :) 

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The Mind/Body Connection

I read or write most of the day. Sometimes 18 out of 24 hours. What keeps my mind sharp is my ability to maintain my body healthy. Fighter's Codex- may sound like it's for crazy martial arts types but really it's just at-home exercises you can do, quickly, that will activate your body irrespective of what level of fitness you are. Sure, they may make you look a little bit bad-ass too ;) but really the pay-off is in how you feel and how you operate. :) _Fitness is a right. Not a privilege.

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If you're writing to communicate better +Zara Altair is your person. See what I did there? ;) 

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It's The Weekend!

If you look very closely you will see a hint of cat in a space-age sleep pod. Nike doesn't believe in doing things halfway so, yeah ... #caturday did you say? A special day for cats? Nike decrees, that this is #everyday ;) 

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Learning Lessons From the Natural World

This is a very interesting phenomenon. I am also adding this for a little more context: Have an awesome Friday!
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