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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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Customer Based Engagement

"A comment on a page is not necessarily customer engagement leading that individual to a buying decision." +Zara Altair analyzes this really well and makes some very interesting points. 
The Bits That Build Customer Engagement

Engage Your Customer

Customer engagement has grown into a buzzword in digital marketing, especially for content creation. The ultimate goal of your online presence is to transform a site visitor into a consumer. Customer based engagement is a broad term which requires a deep understanding of how people learn and how they take action.

A comment on a page is not necessarily customer engagement leading that individual to a buying decision.

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Can Machine Learning Take on Online Trolls?

Google is betting on machine learning to make the fight against online toxic comments easier. Rather than adopt a person-led rules-based approach which has failed spectacularly at Facebook when it comes to content: - Google is using the machine learning algorithm's capacity for adaptation and constant refinement to provide a handy aid for the human operators of websites.

You can check out Perspective here: and if you're a developer you can learn all about the APi here:

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The Flow Of Data

Tomorrow's city will be on a hyper-connected grid where data flows everywhere making the management of time, energy and costs way easier. Yes there will also be robots there too! 

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"Alexa, Who Dunnit? Really?"

In what appears a slightly bizarre twist which nonetheless makes sense an Amazon Echo may have been a digital witness to a murder but right now the very request to investigate this is under examination. The future is here.

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Bored With Your Humanity?

For just $425 you can experience seismic activity in the Earth's crust as an extra heartbeat and see color in any music key you like. Oh, also, you will be able to officially state "Cyborg" on your passport. Happy Thursday! (never say I don't deliver, especially on a Thursday ;) ).

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They Are Amongst Us

In the paranoid world of the Cold War era when both sides were fully prepared to think the worst of each other sleeper agents were actually a thing. Just like in the movies. (I kid you not). Dive into this, it is a fascinating read.

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Who Are You? Really?

A sense that we really matter is created only after we understand the mission of our life and accept the difficulty that comes with being who we are. You guessed it, it's an aspect explored in The Sniper Mind - be in the loop as we explore some pretty deep tides:

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Can Knowledge Exist Outside the Human Mind?

Human consciousness is intricately linked to our sense of reality. If we were to take it out of the equation, arguably our reality would change. +Gideon Rosenblatt takes no mercy on you as he asks you to use your noodle on a Wednesday. Blame him for that, I am but the hapless messenger of what is a great thought piece. Dive in! 

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Who Holds The Real Power In Your Business?
The answer may not exactly be who you think it is: and BTW this was a good opportunity to test the headline at +Gill Andrews's "Test Your Headline" ( community :)


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A "Can Do" Attitude and A Sense of Wonder

What does it take to solve a 30-year-old mystery? well, even in this day and age of technology it still takes the essentials: Human curiosity, a spirit of adventure, a willingness to do what others haven't, a can-do-attitude and the sense that despite it all, the hardships are fun. Dive in. Happy Wednesday! 
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