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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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Nothing takes place in a vacuum. The most unrelated of circumstances are still connected. If you understand how, you can change anything: Pre-order now. Thank me for it later. :) 
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Everything is Connected

A thread that unites Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude with the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band shows that culture is subject to context which is subject to the pressure applied by events which then become the forces that shape history. :) Happy Tuesday! 

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The 1,000 year old mystery

A man who mummified himself, a body that was made into a statue. A statue that disappeared. A Buddha that was found and two global powers, arguing over its return plus, a collector and the man who started it all.

If this sounds like an Indiana Jones plot you really need to read the piece! :) 

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The Man Who Hunts Viruses

From bats to crickets and then back to bats again. There is a man who's job is to try and track down viruses that live in the zoonotic zone. More commonly known as the zone where a virus that is harbored by insects or animals can be passed onto humans.

These viruses have the potential to spark off the world's next pandemic, wiping out millions. This is a long read but totally worth it: Happy Memorial Day! 

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Social Media Disaster for BA

Uh-uh, looks like BA is experiencing a "Blackberry Moment" - 

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A business doesn't become anything on its own: 

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As you’re reading this, if you’re in the USA you’re celebrating Memorial Day weekend (, in memory of those who have paid the ultimate price. Proportionately the total number of deaths in all American wars is just 1.1 million men (, a number dwarfed by the number of automobile deaths between 1899 and 2013 ( or the number of people who die from heart disease or stroke, globally ( each year.

Faced with such statistics war suddenly appears to be a relatively low-cost activity whose ever evolving nature makes increased use of technology to minimize the loss of human life while maximizing the amount of damage that can be caused in a very short time.

Indeed this loss/gain assessment is (and always has been) the primary reason for wars between rational actors ( While the act of war, in its own right, is a study in premeditated insanity its reasons are subject to a very rational analysis:

There are two additional dimensions to war however. One that is as old as the act of war itself and another, much newer which we have yet to completely comprehend. The newer one is that the interconnectivity of the world and the complex web of interests that one country has in another can lead to a sequence of events triggered by unintended consequences ( that can escalate things beyond anyone’s ability to fully control:

The other, the more primal one, is that war, which I would say it is arguably the result of total failure in human cognitive, social and cultural processes, represents such a stark black & white choice of options to its immediate participants that it hugely simplifies life and living and, perversely perhaps, becomes a welcome attraction in itself.

This is a notion that Sebastian Junger explores in his TED Talk on the subject: where he suggests that in experiencing the psychological change brought on by war we crave what we could not have in peace time.

The argument has come merit, as indeed does the more overall analysis of the reasons wars happen offered by Rizwan Asghar ( and

All of this brings us to the moment. Today, a day away from an American holiday intended to honor American dead. This is no longer last century, or indeed any other century before it. We stand at the cusp of history. Each of us armed with unprecedented power to find, understand, share and disseminate information. In getting to here, each of us has undergone a long journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning that has taught us that we can redefine who we are, that we can forge our own communities, that we can buy into our own brand of an ideology without needing to be told what to do and how to do it by the State.

With each passing day and each passing experience we learn about the bonds of humanity that binds us: With each passing phase and each passing moment we learn more and more about how our national and global systems work. We hope that at some point we shall have the conditions in place that will allow us to re-evaluate the loss/gain equation that makes war inevitable and change it to the point that war becomes an impossibility. As relatively rare and stigmatized as the “failed state” ( label in international politics.

America’s dead are no different to the dead of any other country. Each passing represents a lost universe. Countless of lost hopes and dreams that will now have to be rediscovered by those left living. In celebrating Memorial Day it may appear that we’re all taking part in the unique, national holiday of a country. It’s more than that, however. It is the opportunity to reflect upon our own countries and cultures as well and to remember our own dead. Each moment that has brought us here, to this point, has been paid for by the blood of others. The price demanded for the collective mistakes that lead to our mutual states of madness.

We owe it not just to ourselves but also to future generations to work hard to put a stop to the cycle. To say, at some point, that “No. We will not do that” acknowledging the madness of military action and actively seeking other ways to make the points we have, felt.

I hope you have your coffee pot full and your donut tray replenished. Cookies, croissants and chocolate cake are what make weekends feel different from any other day. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.


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Tough day at the office. ;)
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Friday already?

Nike is busy telling Bennie that there is such a thing as a day before #caturday. He's busy listening to her wisdom. Have a great Friday, BTW. :) 

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How Can Local Search Show Your Site?

We have the answer :) Hint: It does involve some hard work. 
+David Amerland, the author of #SEOhelp never disappoints and today's hangout on Google My Business was no exception. Take a look at what it is, how it works and why it's essential for your business, regardless of what business you're in.
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