Our existing Booking System (HTML/JS/PHP/Ajax) App has been Moved to a Virtual Private Server hosted by 123-Reg
It is CentOS 6.5 running PHP 5.3.3 CGI
So currently, our Booking-System has one User account called Console; the code uses this user to control the Timers (ie: the wait times of the appointments) it basically; for every open-status (Today Appointments) it reduces the wait times by 1 minute (in the Table/Field handling for the Database)
But the problem is 1, if this Console (the location where this is running from) Internet Goes Down, then all times are paused.
We want this Dedicated Server to handle this (maybe via PM2 or Node) its a little bit of js/php part of code, which we need to move to the server so the times are always running on open-status appointments (so I short a js/php script/program always running on the server). Does Any one have any experience for such a requirement? Thank You
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