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Mars Retrograde 2016: turmoil, trauma, drama, treachery and betrayal, fanaticism, scare tactics, dogmatic extremism, back room dealings, back stabbing both literal and figurative.

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Still a few places left in my 2016 Astrolojew Astrology classes! We're starting in two weeks!
You're invited to learn astrology LIVE online together with me in a small, intimate group setting.
Working with your own personal natal chart and the natal charts of your group members, you'll learn about:
The cycle of sacred time, the Jewish Year, and you
Basics and Foundations of both classical and Jewish astrological archetypes & symbolism
Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Transits, Progressions
Astrological Diagnostics - Understanding Yourself & Others
You'll participate in two 90-minute live online classes per month with your small group as well as one private half-hour meeting with me every month during the 6 months of the course.
You'll come away from this 6 month course with an intimate working knowledge of your own personal natal chart as well as practical diagnostic skills for practicing astrology on your own!
Cost: $350
Time Commitment: Two 90-minute live classes per month, one half-hour private class per month, keeping an astrology journal and various readings.
Course Length: 6 Months (January - June, 2016)
To reserve your place in class, email:

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#‎Vayetzei‬ The Parsha this week unveils the birth of 11 out of 12 of the Tribal Patriarchs and is primary to understanding the Cycle of Sacred Time which is the Jewish Year. The order in which they were born, the spiritual identities of the four mothers who gave them birth, and their unique functions both outwardly in physical reality as well as inwardly in the realm of symbols and archetypes within the individual personality all have their seeds in this Parsha. The corresponding Parsha is BaMidbar, in which the positions, directions and functions of the now-mature Tribes are described, and which is the symbolic archetype of the Zodiac itself (the Tribes around the Mishkan (Tabernacle) is the reflection of the heavenly arrangement).

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This is your chance to focus on the Cheshvan energy you've missed because of all the horrible distractions of this month.

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Unity: Armageddon's Antidote

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G'mar Chatimah Tova!
Signed, Sealed & Delivered

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Who by fire? Who by water?

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Tikkun Elul - "Fixing Discernment" - we've reached the end of "Tikkun HaChodeshim" - and now, on to Rosh HaShanah 5776!

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Tikkun Av. Fixing Ego. #TikkunHaChodeshim  
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