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Hi GDG Women. Thought you might enjoy the article I wrote on HuffPo about +Ingress and the Hangout On Air +Cowgirl App! had with the +Niantic Project team and players (including women!).

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A young entrepreneur I know recently said "If you care about privacy, you're old." Is it true? An important question...
Vote for my talk to be a main stage topic at +BIL!
CMD (or CTRL) + F "Carter" to find my talk

Hey guys! It would mean a lot to me if you'd go vote for my talk "Your Privacy Is No Longer Valuable" to be a main stage topic! Vote for other topics too! We'll share them all after the event. BIL is the place I spoke last year which lead to my move to San Francisco. I'm also a planner of the event so it would mean a lot to me if you could go give it a thumbs up (whether or not you agree) :)

In return here's a digital hug in advance, you know, because #ValentinesDay  and stuff:  <<digital hug>>

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A great new project for getting funds into the hands of small nonprofits.
Announcing our fantastic board of directors!
Meet them here:

The LittleBigFund has a fantastic board of 11 directors and one special advisor. It's the board of directors that ultimately decides the direction of any nonprofit, The LittleBigFund included. Chosen by our CEO, the board is intentionally large, passionate about our cause, and professionally diverse. We've just completed our first board meeting and are very excited to introduced them all to you! They are, in order of left to right:

+Bettina Sferrino : +Terrence Lui : +Kristine Wagner : +Scott Norman : +Daria Musk : +Jessica Noonan : +Alida Brandenburg : +Ryan Crowe : +Hannah Konitshek : +Simone Syed : +Patrick Shampine 

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Fascinating hangout with +NianticProject about +Ingress. And I'm neither a gamer nor an Android user. But I think this is a game changer...
We Cowgirls just had a blast hanging out and geeking out on +Ingress .

Thank you to everyone who participated in the hangout!+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brian Rose and +Brandon Badger from +Niantic Project .

Thank you to +Linda Besh and +Valerie Wallace - 2 L8 players that joined us, as well as Ingress players +Mara Mascaro +Amanda Blain and +Moritz Tolxdorff .

And a very special thank you, again to +Stefan Hoth for being instrumental in helping us put this together - we couldn't have done it without you Stefan!

We've still got quite a few invites to give away. If you'd like one, please comment on this (the original) post and tell us why you would like an invite. (Comments such as "INVITE PLZ will be disregarded) Talk to us, really, and tell us why you want to play the game. Be creative, and inventive!!

Your Cowgirls,
+Samantha Villenave and +Pamela Poole

#ingress   #ingresshangout #nianticproject #ingressinvite   #cowgirlapp  

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Yikes! The 1st ever european Web Platform Doc Sprint is on in Berlin, Feb 8+9, 2013!

Join like-minded contributors and help to document the web platform and improve the user experience!

Register now:
Add yourself to the events Lanyrd page:

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This says it all!
I <3 my internet friends. 

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Why I get the sense laptop bag manufacturers don't take women seriously. Written a while ago, but has anything changed??
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