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Happy New year from your St. Chux Derby Chix! Are you thinking about your new year's resolutions? We have the solution for you. Join us on Sunday, January 27th at 7pm at Sk8 Galaxy for newbie orientation. Make 2013 your best year ever with the St. Chux Derby Chix. Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Last night was our 2012 end of Seasons Awards and Party, thankfully everyone survived is accounted for.
And your winners are......
Breast in Class: GI Jaime
Ms. New Booty: Zombie Firebomb
Best Legs: Whip L'ash
Rink is my Runway: (tie) Ninja & Franky
Camera Hog: Whip L'ash
Lochness Derby Girl: Titty Tally Ho
Worst Derby Funk: Outback
Crowd Pleaser: (tie) Flash & GI Jaime
Sweetest Roller Girl: Pixie Dustruction
BAMF: Bobbie Slamher
Most Feared: Bobbie Slamher
Most Dedicated: Ninja Sass'em
Purple Heart: GI Jaime
Team Spirit: Goldie Blocks
Penalty Queen: June Cleavage
Party Animal: Outback
Never Say Die: Pixie Dustruction
Next Big Thing: Scarlett Get'her
Energizer Bunny: Flash
Space Cadet: Flash
League MVP: Whip L'ash
Most Improved:Pixe Dustruction
Triple Threat: Pixie Dustruction
Pack in Black Best Jammer: Flash
Hell's Belles Best Jammer: Grey Goose O'flyen
Pack in Black Best Blocker: Whip L'ash
Hell's Belles Best Blocker: (tie) Slaughter Haus & Goldie Blocks
Rookie of the Year: Lisa Frank-enstein
Most Dedicated Zebra: Spin Diesel
Most Dedicated NSO: St. Charlie Brown

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For all you players and refs out there. Have feedback on the new rule-set? Here's the place to give it!
Have feedback on the 2013 Rules of Flat Track Derby? Submit it to our new Rules Reporting Database!

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deal YOURSELF in, now!

Pack in Black action in less than 10 minutes! Come hang out with us on Google+!

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And here we go! First bout underway!

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Watch your St. Chux Derby Chix LIVE on YouTube!

We have a special treat for you tonight! For the first time ever, SCDC is streaming a game LIVE for all to see!

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St. Chux Derby Chix hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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St. Chux Derby Chix hung out with 1 person.Leon Genkin
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