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Sarah Kulchar
Wife, Mom, and a whole lot more!
Wife, Mom, and a whole lot more!

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Updates on pregnancy, life, and brownies.
Hi friends, Pregnancy. It has been a little while, eh? That is what pregnancy does to a blog (at least this time around). This pregnancy has been royally kicking my butt some days but luckily, there are just about an equal amount of great days, too. The tou...

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Peez and Gank Goo... Why I actually love this age of being two.
As a mama, it has always been one of my goals to try and focus on the present as much as I can. I'm doing this with the hope that I will be able to remember the little things, the funny moments, and not feel like time passed by without my participation. I'v...

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The Obligatory (And Very Fun) Orchard Visit
We finally accomplished a trip to a local orchard this fall! I was getting worried as the weekends kept slipping by and the fact that it just hadn't happened yet. What is fall without the obligatory (but also fun) trip to an orchard? On Sunday, after naps, ...

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9 Creative Solutions For Displaying Kid's Artwork
I have been having a dilemma in our home for a while. How in the world do I store and display all of Asa's artwork? Do I keep it all? Do I throw it away (gasp...tear)? You can only paint so many pictures and color so many masterpieces before they start to a...

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Enjoying each day together.
My little bug hiding...don't worry, I found him! We have had a lot on our plate lately. I won't go into too much detail about the specifics but the general gist is crazy work schedules for my husband, two year old molar pains (why did no one warn me about t...

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Fiercely loving the unborn.
My current "baby" taking a nap on his Mama after a long day at the lake. I really wanted to write a post that was a bit more upbeat than my last one- especially to share that while this pregnancy has been difficult on us so far- that does not mean that ther...

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Second pregnancy hurdles and finding grace.
^Baby at 14 weeks-I'm just over 16 now^ It has been a while since my last post but I am finally getting back on my "writing" feet again. Part of me is not even sure where I should start. This pregnancy has really thrown us for a loop so far. The best word t...

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A new addition to our family.
See that family of three right there? I am overjoyed to share that we will be adding another family member this coming March! In fact, the due date is on March 8, which is actually my dad's birthday. Now of course, most babies don't come on their due dates,...

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South Haven is for dreamers.
We spent the day in South Haven, MI , last Friday and I just can't help but share the pictures of our day. The weather was perfect, maybe in the high seventies with just a slight breeze, the water wasn't too cold, and the sand wasn't too hot on our feet. We...

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A few changes in the entryway!
Remember our entryway from a few months back? Well, I've switched things up a bit in the quest of making it just right. While it isn't exactly there yet, we've made some progress!  Here is where we left off last time:        Over all this space is a big imp...
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