The library in #Christiana , Pennsylvania, prominently displays this copy of The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth. In the book, Texas lawyer Finis L. Bates claimed that the alleged assassin of Abraham #Lincoln, John Wilkes #Booth, was not killed at the end of the manhunt to capture him. Instead, according to Bates, Booth fled to Texas and lived under an assumed name, John St. Helen. Bates was John St. Helen's lawyer and friend. 

Christiana is home to an Underground Railroad museum and is the site of the pre-Civil War Christiana Riot. The Christiana Riot was one of the biggest tests of the appalling Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Three men who fled slavery in Maryland found sanctuary in Christiana. Their owner, Edward Gorsuch, tracked them down to capture them, but he was killed by a mob. The trial of the alleged killers was held in the long room on the second floor of Independence Hall in #Philadelphia. The trial ended in total acquittal of the men involved.

In an incredible coincidence, Gorsuch's son Tommy was one of John Wilkes Booth's childhood friends.
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