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Counting the good things in my life, not my problems. I have an awful lot to be grateful for this year!
Best wishes to my celebrating friends for an enjoyable Thanksgiving day!
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+Barbara Nelsen mine too, but at a different time. :)))
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Barbara Nelsen

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#11 says it all...
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It keeps telling me to "meet the new G+" and I keep telling it NO!   LOL!!
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Barbara Nelsen

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My thoughts and prayers go out to all the beautiful people of the City of Light. My fond memories will never be tarnished by cowardly acts.
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Absolutely! ((((Hugs))))
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Barbara Nelsen

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A lot have been around for a while but they still make me laugh!
Have a great #caturday , my fuzzy friends!
Cats are God's greatest gift to the Internet.
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Keep resting.. takes time dear friend!
Kitties are the best! ; )
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Barbara Nelsen

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Don't forget to reset your clocks before bedtime in the USA.
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+Barbara Nelsen heading to bed shortly. All this talk of sleep has made me tired! 😸😸
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Barbara Nelsen

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Meow! Fly with Team Yellow in the Global Candy Cup! I collected 182 - which is really good for my skills! Happy Halloween, my fuzzy friends!
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Have her in circles
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Barbara Nelsen

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So I come over to G+ to see how my fuzzy friends are faring and what do I see? More stupid and unnecessary changes.
From the harsh red banner to the even lighter gray on white comments, which are scrolling (WTF?).
All I can say is I think I'm done here...
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+Barbara Nelsen I am there to play games, and keep relatives at bay. regular name what do you play? I play cutesy things.....
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Barbara Nelsen

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All the 'boops' for #caturday  kitties!
Contrary to society's rules, there's nothing wrong with a little nostril appreciation.
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Barbara Nelsen

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Hehehe ... :-)
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Barbara Nelsen

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Give us a thrilling goodbye race, American Pharoah!
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HA! That field didn't stand a chance from start to finish!
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Barbara Nelsen

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Way to go, NZ! Congratulations on your victory!
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Barbara Nelsen

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For me, the only good thing about Halloween are the bargain candy sales on November 1st!
Happy Halloween, my fuzzy friends!
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Whoo hoo! Scored some Rolo candies at 1/2 price! Now I can make one of the easiest holiday treats ever!
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If I'm not here, I must be elsewhere.
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Awful! This was the first time trying pizza from Serpico's and it is definitely the last time! Browned crust on the bottom and soggy dough on the top. Whoever cut this pizza needs lessons, too! One slice had an edge of about 2", another about 5", another 8" - so pathetic! I am sorry I wasted money on this crap - never again!
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Outstanding staff that treat your pet and you with the utmost care and compassion. Both Dr Edward Jendrek and Dr Andrew Jendrek have looked after my pets for many years now and I will continue to turn to them when my cats need attention. Both father and son provide skilled care and offer solutions based on a wealth of animal knowledge. I trust all of them without question - and, apparently, so do my cats. My five-year old male cat had been suffering with a severe urinary infection. In obvious distress, he was hiding under the bed or on top of the cabinets - places he goes to when he is stressed. He was, again, having a problem so I called and made an appointment for the next morning. I awoke wondering how I was going to get him from his refuge spots when I discovered he was already in his carrier, ready to go. My cat instinctively knew the carrier means vet, and the vet means help, If he places that kind of trust in the kind and wonderful people at Carney Animal Hospital, you should too!
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