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The narrative in this short clip, is about 30 of my tweets from my Twitter timeline. Free transcript available.

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The New Wonderies narration is about 30 Tweets from my Twitter timeline: @BullionGrey
These were selected as I recorded, in the dinning room, without rehearsal or any preparation. Truly, an improvisational exploration of thought and sense. Hope this is thought provocative an interesting for you. Free transcript is available.

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The narration of this filmshort is taken from Bullion Grey's Twitter tweets. Chockfull of intriguing inquiry into different views about this experience, Life.
For a free transcript:
BullionGrey AT live . com

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The Growing Enlightened Creative Person Divides Their Efforts
The growing enlightened creative person divides into
efforts such as: A. Increasing the light in Humanity through education. B. Increasing right human relations among all people. C. Providing conditions for cooperation. D. Spreading beauty through the arts....

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Free Ideas For You & Your Business and/or Career
Why Wait For Opportunity to
Knock? Be Brilliant and Knock on
Opportunities Door By Brainstorming with Bullion Grey With
the right idea much more becomes possible for career and business. Just one
quality-profitable idea can be worth a years income, or a mon...

It seems since they're quiet since they've left, that there is an ending so to speak. But the silence is not silence as we hear think.
The silence is the Silence of the God of all. That is where all begin a new. So it is with great joy we send off our family and friends to the other side. Rest in peace. DBGrey

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All is Uncertain
There are more reasons than ever to be uncertain about everything. To fill self with doubt of all that exists. I cannot condone this ongoing triumph of ignorance. It isn't find your bliss or becoming happy, it isn't anything at all. That exact moment I wrot...

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An Artist Has a Revelation
(In research I have been guided in, this profound thought has been revealed to me. I use to go around saying I am a 'co-creating'. Source of Divine Power opened my sight and gave this revelation that I was a Cosmic Library Worker and not an originator.)
Thanks be to God _________________________________________________
The Source discloses Spirit in unique ways. I am deep into the revelation of what creating is. Here I share it with you.

We are not creators or co-creators.
We are re-membering parts of the Whole.
Everything has already happened. All ideas are already known.
We just check out the completion library and then have the illusion of thinking it up, or creating it. But All is One.
There is nothing left undone, or unknown to the Knower.

So next time you consider what people create, or yourself, try and remember Alfa and Omega, the First and the Last, all Knowing. Past present and future is All, in Oneness.
Strange but it makes sense actually. We can't think of anything that Source hasn't already thought of. Therefore it already exists.
We/I merely call it forth or are gifted it by Source. 
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