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Dale Hyde
You average everyday author, High Priest and sugar glider specialist
You average everyday author, High Priest and sugar glider specialist

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Still one of the best videos every! Always brings a smile to my face and heart, showing love for his daughter. :) One of my favorite favorites. :)

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Can't beat this, period, after all the years!

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Goodgame Empire - Goodgame Studios Review - Warning & Beware!
Goodgame Empire / Goodgame Studios Review I have been playing this game, hosted out of Germany, for almost three years. It was a decent war Over the months the game has gone downhill.  They have created problems that cost members points, resources and men w...

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Most recent blog post.  Enjoy! :)

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#SugarGlider #BlackFriday and #CyperMonday freebies from The Pet Glider! Buy a pair of cage mates and get a FREE cage bundle! Check it out!

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Always Use Extreme Caution Upon Approaching A Jackalope
Beware of Jackalopes!  Jackalopes are known to be fierce according to various stories that have been shared by many over the centuries here in North America. There are stories of them being vicious and also of them being quite friendly and helpful at times....

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A Common Misconception About Those Of Us That Are Witches
The Myth of Witches Over the years of being classified a "witch" due to my Pagan beliefs and being a High Priest in a coven, I have gotten a ton of requests about myself performing magic and/or spells for other people. First of all, we witches don't run aro...

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Incivek Triple Therapy: Near Death Experience Attempting Hepatitis C Cure - But CURED!
Starting The Journey Hepatitis C Replication - What Incivik Attacks The
first couple of questions that one would have, of course, would be,
"What is Incivek Triple Therapy?" and, "Who Can Take This Treatment?" ( Please
note that this article has been upd...

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The Different Types Of Animal Totems: Appearances, Messages, and Impact For Witches, Pagans & Native Americans
How The Different Kinds Of Animal Totems Vary Raven Throughout
our lives we encounter various animal totems dropping in. The
appearance of such animal totems will vary in where they show up, how
they show up and above all, what their message may be to us...

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How To Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts - Dealing With Negativity
Change Your Mind - The Power Of Positive Thinking Working For You Some people I am truly fond of always seem to look at life from the perspective of their past. I do not know why exactly. Perhaps they had to deal with  traumas   that were so huge and overwh...
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