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Lifetime guarantee introduced for all our pronunciation courses - contact us anytime to get a full refund!

Post has attachment is now fully localized in Japanese.

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Post has attachment The English phonetic converter now has integrated audio and video recordings for American English.

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There's an update in the tool that allows to merge two subtitles in different languages into one.
Now you can set the subtitle position for srt subtitles as well (top-center, top-left, bottom-center, etc.)

A small update. Right now, the site is being translated into Japanese and Chinese (some parts of it are still not fully localized). Hopefully, in one or two weeks, everything will be up and running.

Pronunciation Player 3.3 is released.
We fixed a small bug when phonetic transcription symbols were not displayed correctly.

A small update for those of you who are waiting for American English pronunciation course.
We finished the recording of most of the words. Now we are editing the videos.

I improved the algorithm of Chinese pinyin translator that highlights in different colors words required for HSK test.
The main problem was that official HSK vocabulary lists don't include a lot of very popular words, such as 你们, 这儿, 大学, 汉字 to name just a few. So I started to create my custom extended vocabulary lists. Eventually I will publish them under Creative Commons license.
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