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Gabriel Sedgwick
I make films here: - I make falsetto sounds here:
I make films here: - I make falsetto sounds here:

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i don't know how it's ten years since this came out, but it still works wonders in kicking a friday to a sudden start:

US Spotify needs to add a LOT more tracks before I switch over from the more engorged Swe version. Maybe in due time though, and still, about time, sheesh! Now everyone go sign up and help stimulate the Swedish economy!

so, if i'm in your circle i can see your awkward photos? or you can see mine? or you have to be in my circle for me to see yours, or you mine, or my circle has to circumvent your circle, or both circles have to be perfectly aligned, or is my circle encircled by your circle and EHHH FUCK IT, I'M GOING BACK TO MYSPACE!
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