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Dustin “OZKai” Wilkinson
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"There is no such thing as a "true artist"...[because] we are all artists."
"There is no such thing as a "true artist"...[because] we are all artists."

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Warrior of Love
" Warrior of Love " (Ptera Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger / Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers )   I'd been trying for a few years to do more pieces for the original Zyuranger/MMPR crew, but kinda got overwhelmed with my original format that...

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Mother Brain's Advent
"Mother Brain's Advent" ( Super Metroid )   Yet another Metroid piece, it seems. (lol) I figured it was about time I did a piece for the first in the series that I ever played, Super Metroid on the SNES.One of the largest games, for its time, especially; fu...

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Bounty Hunter Birthday
"Bounty Hunter Birthday" (Samus Aran from the Metroid )   So, yet another Samus picture, lol. But yesterday (August 6th, 2016) marked the 30th anniversary for the first Metroid game releasing on Famicom Disk System in Japan. It's a sort of somber anniversar...

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Seeking Dreams Through the Window of Stars
"Seeking Dreams Through the Window of Stars'" ( Super Mario RPG )   Have you ever lay your head down on a pillow and suddenly, like a brick through glass, an idea hits you that you just have to do something with? I do a lot of illustrations, but none ever h...

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Xenogals: 'Weltall-Id'
"Xenogals: 'Weltall-Id'" ( Xenogears )   And here's the counterpart to the Weltall Xenogal, its altered state, the Weltall-Id. Aside from making sure the two "worked" in terms of being transformed versions of one-another, A lot of the geometry on the wings ...

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Xenogals: 'Weltall'
"Xenogals: 'Weltall'" ( Xenogears )   The second of my Xenogears -themed MS Girls, or "Xenogals", is the first gear you come across, the Weltall. The colors really tripped me up on ths one as I had no individual markers that could replicate that dark slate ...

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Xenogals: 'Xenogears'
"Xenogals: 'Xenogears'" ( Xenogears )   You already know my love for Xenogears, and also female characters. And a long time ago, I wanted to do personified versions of the various gears in the style of Mika Akitaka's MS Girls (which in turn are based from M...

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The Master's Will
"The Master's Will" ( Mega Man Legends 2 )   To say this is a long time coming is an understatement. You all know I'm a fan of Mega Man , but Mega Man Legends is the series that truly grabbed my attention and never let go. The new gameplay notwithstanding, ...

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Nouveau Daicon
"Nouveau Daicon" (From DAICON III & IV Opening Animations )   I decided I wanted to revisit the DAICON animations, while trying some more art nouveau stylings; something I'm trying to get better at. I considered having two separate illustrations, but couldn...

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We Change the End
"We Change the End" (Proto Man from Mega Man / Based on The Megas )   Along with the last picture I posted based on The Megas ' History Repeating: Blue and Red , I did this one for Proto Man, giving him a much more worn, aged look. I went with his Break Man...
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