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Even #GoodIdeas have their #critics. And even #BadIdeas  have their #defenders. The trick is to #determine  who's who and what's what.

#People  can be rather #strange sometimes... They say one thing, do another, and leave behind a #mess for other people to #CleanUp. It #BogglesTheMind to think about that.

It #BogglesMyMind  how something that's been proven #irrelevant never seems to get the #message. But there you go.

People see fit to set this day aside to honor a man who #HadADream. A dream that has been unevenly #fulfilled--by which I mean it's been fulfilled in places and other places, it's still a #WorkInProgress. In any event, how he set about doing it--through non-violent methods as much as possible--should be an #example even unto today.

For a #government  to function properly, it must earn the #trust  of the #people  being governed. A government that does not have that trust by all rights should be replaced.

I'm not going to tell people what I'd do if I could turn back time, because I know I can't do that. And neither can anybody else. All we can do is learn from our yesterdays so we don't ruin our tomorrows.

#TurnBackTime #Yesterday #Learn #WhatIdDo

It's been said that you can't go home again. I mean, you can, but you're not likely to recognize it after the changes that come with time.

Whatever you have going on, remember... You were doing it without the government's help or interference. And you can do it still.

I've heard people say the more things change, the more they stay the same. There may be some truth to that. The background might change, but the basic truth remains regardless of the context.

Not all of us are ignorant of what goes on around us. Some of us have issues of our own to handle. When those issues are done, THEN we can handle the world around us. #GetYourOwnHouseInOrder
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