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// Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, is calling for governments to launch a public information campaign to fight the scourge of fake news, which is “killing people’s minds”. In an impassioned plea, Mr Cook, boss of the world’s largest company, says that the epidemic of false reports “is a big problem in a lot of the world” and necessitates a crackdown by the authorities and technology firms." //

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Whatever happens, I will know I did everything I could. And if we all do that, things will change.

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Just faxed this to Senator McConnell at (202) 224-2499.

"Thank you for your ill-considered decision to prevent Senator Warren from reading Coretta Scott King's Statement on the Senate floor. It has broadcast these words farther than any of us could have hoped for. I am attaching her statement herein for your benefit, and I hope that you read and reflect on her words."

I encourage everyone to convey this information to McConnell and other Republican senators through whatever means you have: Read aloud by phone, fax, letter, hand delivery to district office, email, singing telegram, owl post... be creative!

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If McConnell really wants Gorsuch to get an up-or-down vote without a filibuster...

And if Gorsuch really isn't out of the mainstream IN OBJECTIVE TERMS...

Then here's the deal I'd offer McConnell: A straight up-or-down vote with no filibuster, as long as McConnell first signs a letter of apology to Merrick Garland acknowledging his qualifications for the job. I'd write the letter and hand it to him to sign.

Until he signs the letter, the Democrats filibuster the nomination.

All that has to happen for an up-or-down vote is for McConnell to admit that qualified nominees should receive up-or-down votes. The ball is in his court. He OWNS this. So he can either go nuclear and end the filibuster to prevent himself a tiny bit of embarrassment, or he can sign and the Dems follow through on their end of the deal.

The end result is the same either way: Gorsuch gets appointed, which is pretty much a foregone conclusion barring skeletons coming out of closets. But the fallout lands squarely on McConnell's head, which he richly deserves. And, just maybe, the majority leader of the Senate will be slightly less likely to pull the same stunt next time.

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Words mean things +Kellyanne Conway . You want to say "Bowling Green massacre" instead of "plot" in order to rile up your base, fine. Don't pretend you're "misspeaking", and do not attack the people who pointed out your falsehood and gave you the mockery you deserve.

You do not get to claim you "misspoke one word" when you used the word "massacre" at least twice and only stopped when PEOPLE STARTED CALLING YOU OUT ON IT. If they hadn't you'd still be doing it.

Here's what you said way back on January 29, long before the interview that triggered the #BowlingGreenMassacre meme:

"Why did he do that?" Conway told the magazine, referring to Obama. "He did that for exactly the same reasons. He did that because two Iraqi nationals came to this country, joined ISIS, traveled back to the Middle East to get trained and refine their terrorism skills and come back here and were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre of taking innocent soldiers' lives away."

Saying the exact same thing in two separate interviews is not "misspeaking". It's propaganda.

By the way, the REAL story of Bowling Green is that our defenses worked; the only reason those two idiots were plotting in Bowling Green was because the FBI was running a sting operation there. The FBI had them exactly where they wanted them.

But, you don't want the American people to hear about the success stories, or actual facts, because the facts are not on your side.

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Remember this?

"Dear President Obama,
Remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in Syria? Can you please go get him and bring him to [my home]? Park in the driveway or on the street and we will be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers, and balloons. We will give him a family and he will be our brother..."

(At this point, I cannot read this caption without tears coming to my eyes.)


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Well, actually ...

Yeah, we are practically post-satire at this point.
"I know my rights as an American, so you’d better believe I’m getting my hands on as many facts as possible and keeping them somewhere safe where this First Amendment–hating president of ours can’t snatch them all up."

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I don't think Trump feels much of anything other than a yawning black despairing emptiness at his core. That he endlessly tries to fill, but never can, because it's like trying to fill a black hole.

The babies are just collateral damage in his quest for narcissistic supply.
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