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What's Trending- The Force Behind Social Media
With the entertainment industry constantly changing, it is oftentimes difficult to keep up with the current trends on the market. Lately, I have found many individuals turn to social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what's trendin...

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Branding & Marketing Innovation in the Music Industry
Over the years, many artists have adapted various tactics in marketing and branding their musical works and artistry. These innovative forms of marketing and promotion have allowed certain artists to once again take the reigns of the music industry. Most re...

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Branding Made Easy Incorporating Expert Opinions into a Business Plan
With many perspectives on the
market, it can become very stifling when determining the best methods that work
for you and your brand. One of the hot button topics that have resurfaced over
the years in brand and business development is whether a business pl...

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Expert Views on the Value of Business Plans
For many individuals, developing a meaningful and resourceful business plans can be very strenuous and often time mind bogging. Speaking from experience you will never understand the value and importance of having a business plan until it is a business or o...

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Digital Marketing in the Music Industry
The entertainment industry is one that is
constantly evolving and at the rate in which it is moving the Internet will
become the ultimate source of digital marketing and branding for various
artists. With all of the innovative tools made available through t...

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Artist on the Move Featuring Bridget Kelly
Many may not be too familiar with the work of Roc Nation’s
new female R&B artist Bridget Kelly, but for those who are her music speaks
volumes. Her eclectic style and eccentric voice places her in a league of her
own and has definitely helped to establish a...

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Industry Interactive Trend Setting
In the study of Entertainment, one of the most important
elements discussed is the importance of innovation and developing techniques
that will help one as an artist to reinvent and promote their brands. As a new
artist entering the entertainment industry, ...

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Artist Management in the Millennium- “Am I My Artists Keeper?”
As an artist manager, one of the greatest issues of the new
millennium has been dealing with teen heartthrobs turned out of control
teens/adults. Many of us wonder what is it that drives this immediate change in
the artists whom some manage and once admired...

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Entertainment Law: “How Protected Are You?”
For many
individuals eager to enter the entertainment industry, it oftentimes becomes a
minuscule factor when dealing with legalities until one becomes the victim of
patent or trademark infringement. Once entering any industry, it is important
for your own ...
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