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Connemara footage

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Buerre Blank Steak Sandwitch with Cashel Blue cheese
OK, so it’s not the lowest calorie of dishes, but in my
defence it has salad. It’s a great alternative to hamburger for a meal for one –
with a side, say a cous-cous salad or the like. This was a scratch meal, but obviously peppers and
mushrooms would be a ...

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Hake with Mushroom sauce on a Seaweed Risotto bed
Firstly, to all readers a Happy and Prosperous 2016. Thanks for checking in, and I especially appreciate all the comments left. Please do take the time to leave a message or suggestion - I really appreciate it. So - I usually get more unusual fish, but Hake...

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Vegetarian Pumpkin Lasagna
Thanks for reading, hope you find the recipe of use. Please do take the time to leave comments, suggestions etc. A great one for Halloween pumpkin flesh, but butternut squash is good as well. Bursting with autumn flavour and colour. Based on a recipe from t...

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Simons Spiced Tea Cake - A twist on Halloween Irish Barm Brack
Halloween, All Souls night is a very Irish tradition. Barmbrack is a tea flavored cake with dried fruits that is seasonal this time of year. The word Barmbrack probably comes from bairín breac - speckled loaf - the same etymology as Welsh bara brith. In Con...

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Curried Watermelon
This is an easy to do and complex in flavour watermelon curry from Rajasthan. The flavour is earthy due to the cumin and coriander, with a hint of
heat from the chilli - but once you bite into the melon chunks there is
this great burst of sweetness and ju...

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John Dory with Lime and Ginger sauce.
John Dory is a sustainable fish, generally a bycatch in the fishing industry. It is in demand, a really nice meaty fish, so a bit on the expensive side, but sooo worth it. Apart from John Dory, other good fish are pollock, hake, bream - any meaty white fish...

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Turkish style Red Gurnard in a creamy lemon and mushroom sauce
Red Gurnard - a meaty, economic, tasty and sustainable fish, Scale 3 on the Marine Conservation Societies ( MCS ) list (*See note at end of article) This type of fish, bony, bottom dwelling, is not usual on the menu - but they are great. Very common in Nort...

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Pears and Stilton - Lockets Savoury
A great snack - but one word of advice, store stilton in an airtight container. Stilton does freeze well for long term storage, but the smell can be overwhelming for the fridge. I picked up the cheese at the highly recommended On the Pigs Back in Cork citie...
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