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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Of course this is a great song, but it has never moved me emotionally, until now.  Tessanne brought the emotional message of this song to life.  Far and away the best version of this song I've ever heard.  
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I Absolutely AGREE With You Bro.
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Jerry Hobby

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Look what I found! Can you believe people still buy this stuff?
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Well.. there is the debate.. which is better to deep fry chicken and fries..etc?
Animal fats or bio-engineered vegetable oils?
Lard is still widely used and useful..
All things in moderation........
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Jerry Hobby

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Jerry Hobby

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The Greatest Gift .... ( a leadership / relationship insight )

Have you ever noticed how people seem eager to contribute their thoughts and ideas to you, even if you don't ask them too? In fact, sometimes it can be annoying, to be honest, that so many people seem eager to interrupt in order to give advice. This is the nature of human beings.

What we can gleam from this is that people love to contribute, acknowledged, and appreciated in some fashion. It's a measure of our worth to the world in a sense. This is why we talk about the importance of listening, the importance of complimenting, and the power of referring our contacts to each other. At the heart of this is really the fundamental need to contribute to others.

In many cases we tend to deny the contribution of others simply because we already know how to do something or have that knowledge, etc. Consider the impact on relationships if you deny someone the opportunity to contribute to you. Consider the value of allowing them to contribute.

If you allow others to contribute to you, not only will they like you more, they will become, in a sense, loyal to you because they know you value their contribution. They will contribute more, you will acknowledge them more, and the relationship will grow. I'm not suggesting you use people. It works both ways. We all contribute to each other. I'm suggesting that whenever someone seems eager to contribute, realize that by allowing them to contribute, you are actually giving them a gift. A wonderful gift. A gift of self worth, appreciation, an opportunity to do what they do.

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of allowing them to contribute to you.
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Jerry Hobby

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I am in a fantastic mood today. So I am spreading the joy! SMILE Y'ALL
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Taken from my HOME OFFICE on my back patio.
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I love my new "office." Moved to Houston two months ago from Portland, OR and instead of raindrops, I have palm trees and the Texas flag. 
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Jerry Hobby

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MS Windows 8 seems to really do best on touch screen. Do you think we'll have a lot of touchscreen monitors coming out? Let me know if you see anything for sale.
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Does anyone think that Windows 8 will be the next Window ME? I'm certain they won't trash the platform like they did with ME. But I am wondering if SP1 will include a major interface redesign as they get feedback. What do you think? Metro? Aero? Both? What's NEXT after the initial Windows 8 launch? I'm thinking to wait for SP1. I skilled Vista entirely.
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Jerry Hobby

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My cat, tin tin, posing ...
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Teach him how to catie!!! =(
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Jerry Hobby

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NikonUSA's new policy will impact the whole Photography Community
Sorry it wasn't as concise as it could have been... I just wanted to educate as well.
Point is Trust me that this horrible decision by NikonUSA will negatively impact Camera users (even the Canon users)

As I head out the door to go pick up 2 fixed lenses from a local camera repair shop near bye I feel everyone should know about this upcoming problem that we can help draw attention to and stop.

NikonUSA has decided to "no longer SUPPLY REPAIR PARTS" to local repair shops

DSLR owners should be concerned about this enough and one way of showing their concern is to quickly sign this online petition to let +NikonUSA that this is NOT ok.
Comment here if you have signed and share the message

The petition has lots more info as well


You have a car and it breaks and you go to your favorite mechanic but he has to say:

"though I Can fix that I am not allowed to because your car manufacturer will no longer allow me to buy the necessary parts. And You can't even buy the parts either. Though I could have this fix this for you tomorrow so you could get back to work you will have to send it into one of the 2 overcrowded overburdened worst rated company repair shops or one of the 23 sponsored repair shops (that may not take your request) and obviously you won't be able to get to work as quickly with their backups and the shipping time alone.

And BBB suggests the companies record on repairs from it's own facility are not as good as most independent technicians like myself."

Do you really think these small mom and pop shops can survive on Half the amount work? Your shops will start to disappear. Besides it's a dangerous precedent and a road you don't want Canon to go down as well.

OVERBURDENED: They already can't handle the work we give them
Large Repair centers already struggle to handle the work we give them... can you imagine the backlog they'll have when they eliminate hundreds of experienced repair guys?

Restraint of Trade
"It means access to repairs will become problematic, at best. It means consumer choice and convenience in accessing repair will be reduced. If you are a professional relying on your Nikon equipment, you might not be able to obtain fast repairs from your reliable local independent photo technician. Repairs may be more costly since competition in the field of aftermarket service is reduced. " -From petition


>You will need to send in your camera even to fix the rubber parts (grips) of your camera that often fall off with use.
>It took Nikon themselves over 2 months to repair my D700 this summer.
>It took a repair shop the weekend to fix both lenses once they had the parts. AND I'm certain it will cost less.
> I was able to use my 14-24 for 2 months while waiting for parts to arrive at my repair shop. Because it was damaged I couldn't zoom but at least I wasn't without it for those 2 months.

Incompetence is the Real problem
When I heard about this change on NikonRumors I knew this was a terrible idea by NikonUSA and it showed their complete mismanagement of their parts department and the solution was a terrible cop-out. I suggested they should fire everyone there and hire competent employees.

They're old school you simply call them no website or anything
(801) 373-5873
He's been doing camera repairs longer than i've been alive.
They'll let you know if they're the best fit for them.
Tell them you know Jarvie... haha
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This is important to me as well as friends/family. We're a Nikon bunch, us. I have a perfectly good old Coolpix 990 with only one little problem. A common one. The flimsy battery door. Even though compared to new cameras, this is a horribly out of date model with more sentimental value than utility. (and in the case of this particular camera, quite a bit of sentimental value) It's almost a joke now, really. At the time it was a pretty good deal and produced some surprising quality, considering. As I'm sure many Nikon folks can agree, each Nikon has its very own uniqueness that cannot be duplicated. This is even true with digital models. If I end up having to pay Nikon for this simple fix, I can imagine the cost would probably equal the price of a new Nikon point and shoot. And the wait? I don't even want to estimate. Truly sad. Makes me consider becoming a Canon user just out of spite, even as I realize this decision will have an effect on Canon users as well.

Thanks for posting this poll. I tried to re-post it earlier to Twitter and the darned thing was down. I'll do anything and everything I can to spread the word.
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Internet marketing technology futurist. Which basically just means I look for the newest technologies and try to predict the future possibilities of that technology as applied to communications and marketing applications. Then I share those insights via TV, radio, newsletters, blogs, videos, social networks, and as a consultant.
  • Internet Marketing Futurist, Radio Personality, Blogger, and CEO of Anything Internet
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CEO of Anything Internet, Radio Personality, Public Speaker, World Traveler, and fan of Google Hangouts.
Dubbed a guru of web marketing technologies and strategies.  A cross between a geek and a businessman.   An entrepreneur and public speaker.   Occasionally referred to as the Johnny Appleseed of small business.  The most accurate description of who I am is, Internet Marketing Technology Futurist.  

Call me what you will.  What I do is inspire people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and to help the create, build, and launch their dream business.

My company, Anything Internet, is the centerpiece of my professional life.  At Anything Internet, we build websites, web marketing strategies, and help our clients turn their web sites into web businesses.  

My radio show, newsletter, and podcasts are all tools I use to share my vision and insights with my fans and followers.  

My personal life includes my beautiful wife, Grace.  We enjoy traveling and have been many exciting places.

I'm a huge fan of Google plus.  I see amazing possibilities for this network.   Put me in your circles and let's become friends.  I love making new friends here.

My websites include: - Main business site - Our new product line - Blog site - this one needs work - Personal site - also needs work

Bragging rights
My proudest accomplishment is marrying my beautiful bride, Grace, about 15 years ago. After that, I would say my phenomenal career.
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