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Nate Worrell
Husband, Father, Numbers Geek, Writer, Outdoorsman
Husband, Father, Numbers Geek, Writer, Outdoorsman


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The 12th Actuarial Speculative Fiction Contest
Below are stories from the 12th Actuarial Fiction Contest, with my own quick synopsis of the story and images from around the web that might work as a cover. Summaries and cover art are my own interpretations.   Please vote on your favorites. The Grower by ...

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You Wouldn't Believe What Jacob Bernoulli Looks Like Now
What would it be like if historic mathematicians lived today and were as popular as some of the most notorious celebs?  In this series of posts (#mathgonewild) Between the Spreadsheets makes parallels between founders of major mathematical thought and curre...

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Models and Drunks
I am not referring to Gigi or Gisele or Gumble or Griffin .  Rather, "models and drunks" is a contrite summary of a couple of my recent readings that I figured should find their way to this space. (By the way,  this confusion about models has happened befor...

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Vitality Compass vs. Longevity Illustrator
If you want to know how long you are going to live, you could consult a palm reader or some other mystic.  Alternatively you could look to science, math and academia.  But who wins between academics and actuaries? Recently, the Society of Actuaries and Acad...

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Engage or Disengage?
Recently, the Society of Actuaries deployed their latest community site, SOA Engage. While unlikely to get the traction of the Actuarial Outpost or a Reinsurance sponsored Happy Hour at a symposium, the threshold is pretty low.  ...

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If Donald Trump Ran for SOA President
The current political pageantry and it's primary peacock, one Donald J Trump, has inspired Between the Spreadsheets to ponder, if we could find it palatable, a parallel universe in which this prima dona found himself placed on the ballot for SOA President. ...

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Actuarial @ASAPscience
We call ourselves actuaries, but how many of us could call ourselves scientists as well?  After all, the field we practice is Actuarial Science . And yes, bulk of our discipline is math and probability based, but let us not kid ourselves that we are unique ...

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I Get Knocked Down, But I Get up Again
As an actuary, my life revolves around studying the risks of shitty things happening.  I know that the whims of the universe may smite me with some nasty disease or some sleepy bus driver could turn me into a pavement pizza.  As such, I have protected mysel...

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Paid To Be Wrong vs. Paid to be Right
For today's Nate Note, I'm considering various occupations and various tolerances for "rightness" and "wrongness".  My primary question is, in what professions can you be wrong and still keep your job? What does it mean to be "Wrong"? You ask me to call a c...

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Comedian Louis CK Goes Full Actuary
So I'm watching Netflix and enjoying a little comedy when I hear Louis CK make some actuarial statements. In the video clip below, you can hear his remarks - note that this YouTube link is not authorized by Louis CK to my knowledge and it is his full specia...
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