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The Parrish Family was/is the Greastes Family ever, and because of how True this was, I started wondering why something like this would have to happen to them. Especially since Ian and Jensen Parrish were out serving Missions when they found out that their Parents and little Brothers died. Ian and Jensen and lost Bill, Ross, Keegan, and Liam Parrish, their Family.

Sunday 2-22-14 the Parrish Family was taken from us. They died from a Gas called CO (Silent Killer, Carbon Monoxide). This was the Worst thing to ever happen, and I didn't know what to do when I heard what had happened to them. Since they didn't have a CO Detector in their house, they didn't know that they were slowly dying. The just thought that they were just getting the Flu, so just kind of sick. I found myself really mad at the Trickery caused from CO. I lost a really good friend, Keegan, because of how sneaky CO is. Our School, Highland High School, heard what happened because so many people knew Keegan, and were friends with him. They got those who knew Keegan to wear Green for him in rememberence of how Cool he was. I was Suprised to see so Much Green on Tuesday I thought I was going to Cry, it was the Greatest thing I'd ever seen. The Basket Ball Players held a Gathering at Keegan's house Tuesday Night. There was Lost of us there, and Memories of Keegan were shared. The Basket Ball Players told us that Wednesday we wear Red for the Parrish Family, and lots of people did. There was So Much Red on Wednesday, I thought that Red was the Only color that existed. On Thursday it was back to normal, and after school there was a Viewing of the Parrish Family. I was afriad to go because they wouldn't look the same. The were always a Happy, Smiles ALL the Time kind of Family. I didn't go the their Viewing that night. Friday would be their Funeral day, there was a last minute Viewing that morning, I still didn't go. How could I stand there, and look at my friend. He would look swollen, pale, and Sad. For as long as I knew him, I Never seen him sad, he Always had a Smile. I want to remember him Happy, Full of Life, and how Ramdom he was. I went to School that day for 0,1,and 2 Hour. Just like a lot of the Students I left for the Funeral after 2nd Hour. About 90% of the Students either didn't go to School at all, or left after 2nd Hour to attend the Funeral. The Funeral wasn't Gloomy at All because of Harrilous the Parrish Family was, their memories that each speaker spoke of were Funny. It wasn't all Funny because then we'd remember that we wouldn't get to see this Family for a Really Long time. It was time for the Parrish Family to be Burried. The Hardest thing was watching their Caskets go into the Ground. I still can't believe that this actually happened, that they're actually really gone. I Love the Parrish Family, and I'll Never forget Keegan. When I'm having a bad day, he'd put on those Glasses, and totally Cheer me up. I'm having a bad day right now, and then I think to myself,"where is Keegen?" Then I remember that I can't find him. I won't ever be able to in this life time anymore, and so I Pray that one day we'll see each other again. He'll come from out of no-where wearing his Awesome Glasses, and say the most randomest thing to me. We'd act as if Death never found us, and pretend that we could be the Stars again. As if life never had an ending, and how we escaped the voices trying to get to us, but because we were too high, they Never could reach us.

I can't wait to see Keegan and his Family again, but until then. I'm just going to have to live off the Memories I had with them and Keegan.

R.I.P. Parrish Family

R.I.P. Keegan Parrish

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

~Kiara McKee :)
March 3, 2014
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