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I am working on siege weaponry add on for Delta's Book of War. I need stats for a ballista, so I figured I may as well do catapults too. On his blog he shows the development of the giant's stone throwing based on the light catapult from Chainmail. I'm working on a catapult/ballista being good against a single target doing a set amount of damage if hit. Catapults work over obstructions and ballistas (ballistae?) do not. No costs yet, I have to think about that.
Catapult _Range 30 _MV 3 _AH 3 _HD 1 _DMG 3 _ROF 1/3
Ballista _Range 18 _MV 4 _AH 3 _HD 1 _DMG 2 _ROF 1/2

Battering Ram is different. It only moves with a unit carrying it and makes opening doors easier by 2 pips. (Main gates can be opened on a 6 if otherwise impossible) also it would make any unit carrying it more vulnerable. AH -2

Work in progress... any thoughts?
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Vizio is supposed to have great support. They are denying my case because my reciept isn't good enough proof of purchase? I call BS on Vizio
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I'm in! Whoo-hoo now I just have to figure out what to do with it. I must find some people I know. Thanks RKS for the invite.
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