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Dam - Just got to the part where Jack-ass smoked Roland...I'm only lvl 32 and I certainly hope there is alot more to come... This game is frikkin awesome. No spoilers tho...I did already know about the Roland thing!!!! Playing as Gunzerker...just way too fun...double shotgunz in yer face and splat is a commonly heard sound....Working on a lvl 21 Assasin and a lvl 12 Commando...I need more skill points per lvl... too many trees, not enough points... I'm torn, I'm all over...

First let me throw out a big thanks for those who posted the Shift codes. Scored myself and my wife a bunch!!! Woohoo...Now onto something I found really interesting...My wife and I have been playing BorderLands 2 for a bit now... not too long, only lvl it for Christmas...and we have been enjoying it like crazy... I got my first few codes from signing up at shift, but the other day, my wife logged on with me as normal....we play split screen...and all of a sudden she got handed 35 badass tokens and 10 Golden keys!!! Not sure what happened there, but thank ya!!!! With the code list provided from the community the other day and the codes we already had, we are up to 27 keys each. With 30 lvls to max out to go, thats almost a key per I just need a map to find the other 1 of the 2 vault symbols I keep finding...we can never seem to find the second one in any lvl...
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