I am putting this out there soon... a kickstarted campaign for RepRap: the Movie.  Its ready to launch, just need to complete rewards. All proceeds go to the movie & events. Any extra money goes to RepRap education (I won't make a dime). 

Give me your feedback on the rewards I am kicking around:

$10 RepRap achievement badge stl file - print it yourself

$20 Two official RepRap movie stickers

$30 Official RepRap movie t-shirt

$50 - Official RepRap movie poster

$100 - Ticket to a premier showing of the movie (travel not included*)

$150 - Ticket to one-day mini-conference celebrating RepRaps AND a viewing of the premier (travel not included*)

$250 - Online video access to major production meetings

$400 - The works: Achievement badge stl, stickers, t-shirt, movie poster,  mini-conference ticket, production mtg access AND Premier ticket (travel not included*)

$750 - Attend a mini-conference, premier AND an exclusive VIP after-party (travel not included*)

$1000 - Mini-conference booth to show your product, ticket to a premier and VIP after-party ticket (TBA: geographically scattered*)

$2500 - Logo Sponser - Fly your company logo on beginning and ending credits to establish yourself as a major contributor to the open source hardware movement. Premier event ticket included.

$5000 - Host a Mini-Conference, Movie Premier and VIP after-party . Put yourself on the map as a leader in promoting the RepRap culture... hackerspaces, schools, universities, clubs and individuals welcome! Host the event by providing a space for our mini-conference, premiere event and VIP after-party. (TBA: geographically scattered*

$10000 Prominent Movie Credits as one of the major contributors that made this movie possible (limit 10). Premier ticket, mini-conference booth and VIP after party tickets included.

$50000 Pride of Place Corporate Sponsor - Full-screen, opening and closing title sequence real estate from just one open source loving company (limit 1).  Premier ticket, mini-conference booth and VIP after party tickets included.

**Printrbot, in Lincoln, CA will host the first premier event, mini-conference and after-party. Others will be posted on the map as pledges arrive

If you want to host an event, just let me know and the second you post your pledge, I will put you on the map for an event.

What could possibly go wrong !? :)

RepRap fan,
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