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As it seems there is more and more people joining G+, and that photo sharing is growing significantly, I started to curate those NON-OFFICIAL lists of talented photographers to allow Googlers+ to follow them:

Black&white Photographers list:
Street Photographers List:
HDR Photographers List:
Landscape Photographers List:
Finearts Photographers List:
Portrait Photographers List:
Nature Photographers List:
Media for Photographers List:

If you're interested to be included in one, just do the following:

-Add this page to your circles (in order for me to be able to add you back)
- Put your name below and the list you want to be added in.
- Share this post on your public profile and mention +Damien Grillat on it (so that I keep a trace of it and can manage it when I have time).

Consider that this post is the reference one for this page, where I put informations as soon as possible. Also consider this is on this post you may ask me to be added. And then, consider that this is this post that you may share with others!

Note: Addind you to a list also means to add you on a circle of this page: it's only possible if you already added this page to your circle (g+ pages limitation).
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