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Retired and enjoying it
Retired and enjoying it

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Final Epic Battle Aboard the Renowned Submarine USS Tang During World War II while patrolling the Formosa Straits the USS Tang having already sunk seven enemy ships, launched a nightime surface attack firing two torpedoes. The second torpedo malfunctioned a...

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Amenuensis Monday
Dear Brother A letter from Jacob Myers to his brother in Dark County, Ohio on January 1, 1847. Commiserating about the brother having fever and ague for some time. John had the fever and ague and on the fourth day when the fever was at its highest  "I had b...

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Reflections on getting ORGANIZED
NOW THAT I AM ORGANIZED According to Denise Levenick in her article in Family Tree magazine, "cutting clutter will make you better organized and sharpen your genealogy focus." I am here to tell you Denise is  "right on the money." Using Denise's techniques ...

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Amenuensis Monday: William C. F. Krabbenhoft WILL 1933
The Will of William C. F. Krabbenhoft "The Final Report of Edward Krabbenhoft, Administrator of the Estate of William C. F. Krabbenhoft, respectfully presents to the court the petitions as follows:"  * This is a small estate and subject to probate * Edward ...

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Ya Gotta Get It Together-Part Three
Adjusting Your Work Flow As we continue to organize using Denise Levenick's article in Family Tree magazine, "workflow"will be the hardest element to internalize when organizing. R emember to "go paperless" and keep any more paper from coming "in." To reite...

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Amanuensis Monday
Death by Run Away Team of Horses The Death of Winfield Scott Bauer (As reported in the Miller Press June 24, 1926) Mr. Bauer was working on his farm when a team of horses became frightened and ran away. In his attempt to hold them, he grasped the wheel of t...

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Throwback Thursday
THROWBACK THURSDAY This photo has been kicking around my iPhoto and desktop for several years.  Three unknown chldren was the caption attached to this photo, My guess from clothing is about 1870. I keep attaching it to emails sent to surname contacts but no...

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Ya Gotta Get It Together - Part Two
Getting Organized—Part Two or  Now that I got it what do I do with it? A  practical approach to getting organized using Denise Levenick's article "The End of the Paper Trail" in Family Tree magazine. Step One was to get rid of my flatbed scanner and buy a s...

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"Everything Fine..."
Jeffrey Mikeal Lott Born July 20, 1946 Celebrating 70 years Happy Birthday Jeff.  Jeffrey Mikeal Lott age 8 inTucson, AZ Below is a copy of the original radiogram informing his father Archie V. Lott of Jeffrey's birth.  His father Archie Lott was serving in...

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Tombstone Tuesday-Cornelius Lott 1738-1816
Captain Cornelius Lott In my research this Cornelius Lott is identified by his rank as there were a plethora (16 by my count) of Cornelius Lotts.  This can be seen by the inscription on the Lott cenotaph   in Gettysburg, PA. Captain Cornelius is buried  in ...
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