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Biutiful. Everything for wireframing with Google Material Kit :D
Android Material Kit for Illustrator 1.1 is here.

What's new?
- More screens
- 10x smaller filesize (~24 MB, all pictures optimized)
   Google documentation had some huge .tiff photos embedded
- MDPI screen size  (export PNG at larger DPI)
- Adjusted color scheme for theming
- Updated AndroidIllustratorWorkflow.png
- Removed ROBOTO2DRAFT font
- added .zip archive for download
- added RobotoSlab


Main difference from is that the interface elements are summed up in one document (Kit) rather than scattered across multiple files. Google documentation is also about guidelines, this Kit is focused on UI elements for your design.

If you need something more specific do use Google resources.

Google documentation is by far the best resource for all design information that you need to know and should always be the starting point. Great job from Google on such detailed documentation and documentation files. 

This kit contains:
- basic interface elements and layouts from
- Some screens adapted for Material Design and some advanced elements ported from +Taylor Ling Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop 4.4 
- typography styles from official guidelines
- colors from



*Leave your feedback here:
*Thanks JT for workflow tips included in 1.1 
* This Kit is not in correlation with Adobe or Google. It is something I use for projects and have decided to share it with community


#android #materialdesign #adobeillustrator #UI   #Design

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Resumen 2014

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Hoy lanzamos una web donde Expertos Locales responden a tus dudas de viajes en 24 horas o menos.

Échale un vistazo =)

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Mi Primera app móvil. Recetas latinoamericanas sanas con información nutricional. Descargatela y escríbeme que te parece. :D

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Mi segundo proyecto de aplicación móvil. Un buscador de farmacias de la red de la tarjeta de farmacias para Univision. Bájatela y me das feedback que siempre estamos buscando mejorarla. Gracias :)

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Una buena lista para seguir

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Cave Paradise 
by Maurizio Pignotti

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Yeah! Felicitaciones Adri!

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Logolounge Trends Report on common logo design trends in 2014. Also known as 'things to avoid in your logo design’.

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