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No body explains it better. Thanks +Peggy K !!
Create a Google+ Page for your business, brand, YouTube channel or organization

You can set up and manage a special kind of account for your business or brand, called a Brand Account. The Brand Account can have both a Google+ Page and a YouTube channel. It can also be managed by multiple Google accounts.

If you have an existing Brand Account (for example created with your business or brand's YouTube channel) you can add a Google+ Page to your Brand Account.

1. Sign in to Google+ as the Owner or Manager of the Brand Account

2. Click your profile image at top right, then select your Brand Account from the menu

3. Once you have switched to your Brand Account, click Enable Google+ on the left menu

4. Read the Pages terms of service, then click Enable again to complete the process

If you do not yet have a Brand account, you can create a new Google+ Page and Brand Account together

1. Sign into Google+ with the Google account you want to Own the Page

2. At the bottom of the left menu, click Google+ for your brand

3. The Google+ creation page ( will open in a new window

4. Click Create Google+ Page

5. Name your Google+ Page and Brand Account

6. Read the Pages terms of service, then click Enable to complete the process

Once you have created your Google+ Page, you can add a YouTube channel (

Watch the video to see how fast it is to create a Google+ Page

Get detailed step-by-step instructions on my blog

Get more information about managing Google+ Pages in the Google+ Help Center:

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These sessions are +Google Top Contributors who offer us what they know in their particular fields of expertise.
Everyone is welcome so register at Business Hangouts through your Google account and learn how to best use Google Photos.
+Russ Buchmann and +Michael Daniels do a great job on the TC Webinars and if you can't watch live, there is always a recording if you're registered.
Free webinar on Google Photos PART 2
Wednesday 2/1/2016 at 8:15pm Eastern Click here:
Here is your chance to let us know what you want to know. Want to know something specific, let us know!!~

Join me and +Russ Buchmann​ (Google Top Contributor and Rising Star Expert) as we explore Google Photos. We will cover some basic things and some very useful functional things.

Wednesday Feb.1 at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific)

Even if you can't make the live event be sure to register, you can come back and watch ANYTIME. Also, if you register now you can add comments in the unified chat and we will bring it up on screen during the Event.

NOTE: When you register you get an email that allows you to add this event to your calendar

Please share this in any Community or Collection you think folks would be interested. Or share with friends you have that just aren't sure How Google Photos work. Sure, you can even send it to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends.

Hope to see you soon!

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A tutorial for multi-family transactions.
Get prepared before you launch into this side of our business new agents. Thanks +Wendy Weir for the share and a special thanks to +Kyle Hiscock for such an informative post. An excellent Learning Opportunity for many sir.

#Sellers #Buyers #multifamilyhomes
One of the top reasons why selling a multi-family is generally more complex is because it typically involves more people than just the one owner of a single family home. There are certain rules, regulations, and laws that multi-family property owners must be aware of and also abide by. Here are some great tips from +Kyle Hiscock, Realtor, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, e-PRO on selling a multi-family home.

Other great resources listed throughout the article are: +Bill Gassett +Anita Clark and +RISMedia.


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Are Open Houses Part Of You Purchasing Plan?
Valuable share by +Teresa Cowart, post by +Just Close.
#realestate #openhouses
If you are in the market for a new home, is it a good idea to attend open houses? Open houses can be a wonderful thing because they allow you to explore houses in your area, meet neighbors and learn about the community, and see how many other potential buyers are interested in the property. One thing to remember is the realtor is not your realtor, they are there for the purpose of selling the home. If you are interested, remember to send the information to your realtor, so they can find out more information about the property. Check out this great blog by +Just Close to learn more about open houses.

There are also helpful resources from other real estate experts including +Bill Gassett +Xavier De Buck +David O'Doherty and +Anita Clark.


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Purchasing a new home as your first home? Well take the advice of +Michael Roberts Construction, llc about lighting.
Do you know these definition of lighting terms?
From the Michael's post:
Task. This lighting illuminates work spaces, such as countertops where you are prepping food or inside a pantry closet so you can see what goods are stocked on those shelves.

Accent. This highlighting adds depth and dimension to the environment (recessed adjustable fixtures and track lights.)

Decorative. The purpose of decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and candlestick-type sconces) is to add interest to a space.

Ambient. This gentle light fills the room and bounces off the ceiling. You’ll get this effect from pendant-hung indirect fixtures, opaque wall sconces and torchieres.

Read more about lighting in Michael's post. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy!

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Excellent share by +Gabe Sanders through
Top three things you need to consider as you prepare to purchase a home.

Thanks Gabe!

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Well written blog post by +Wendy Weir. Important information for Sellers.
From Wendy's +Google post:
"Times have changed. The days of more home buyers only buying starting in Spring are gone. The vast majority of buyers today are empty nesters or young millennials. These buyers do not necessarily rely on seasons, but are active all the time. This is why this article is an excellent source of information for Sellers and their agents."

I've noticed this change and totally agree with Wendy. Great job on the post and article.

#realestate #sellers 

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From a share by +Wendy Weir (thanks), enjoy +Bill Gassett's very wise advice regarding disclosure - what's legally required as well as what ethically needed. Check your state laws to be informed.
Every seller is forced to balance the desire to make money off of the home with the need to disclose known issues.

Thanks Bill for yet another important article helping the consumer understand their path to selling a home.

#realestate #sellerdisclosures

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This is a really good opportunity if you want to get your continuing education out of the way for next year.
Valid only on December 28th
Head on over to my school site, register first, choose your state and purchase from a great selection. Use YEAREND40 PROMO CODE at check out.
Remember ... Only valid on Dec. 28th
Thanks for this great offer +The CE Shop.
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