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Vertical VS Horizontal Business Growth
As a small business, you need to be prepared to take
advantage of expansion opportunities. Essentially, business growth can be seen as horizontal or vertical. These differing approaches have their merits as well as setbacks. Monitoring measured annual growt...

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Social Media Screening for Potential Employees
Eight out of every ten Americans have a social media
presence. Facebook is the most common, but the percentage of adults using Instagram , Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter is gradually rising. For employers
this means the ability to vet potential employees ...

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Negative Publicity & Bad Press: Coping as a Small Business
With limited resources, small business owners face the
unique challenges of avoiding bad press coverage and handling negative
publicity. These challenges can seem daunting, but managing them isn’t as hard
as you think. Preparing ahead of time makes all the ...

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Small Business Survival During Tough Times
Every company goes through rough times now and then - it's a fact of a
credit-based economy. Small business survival during tough times
depends on staying focused, making informed and logical decisions and
staying creative within the bounds of your busin...

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Developing a new blog today. Not for a client this time, but for myself. Writing has not been this goofy in a long time-

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5 Terrible Pieces of Business Advice
Hindsight is 20/20. Who could have predicted in 2000 that bigger wasn't always better when AOL and Time Warner agreed to merge the two largest media companies in the world? Against even skeptical business advice at the time, it went through.  The deal becam...

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Why Bother? Resolutions vs. Goals
Ah… New Year’s. A time for resolutions.   New diet, workout more, get up earlier, get
more sleep, stop smoking, be a better mother, father, sister, brother,
daughter, son. Go to church more. On and on we go. How many times have you set
one and abandoned it ...

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Capitalizing on Viral Trends
brain wants to have fun. If you keep thinking about that every day,
you’re always going to be interesting and relevant. The brain hates
boring and expected."                                                                                  Linus Karl...

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Instagram for Business Marketing
Marketing With Instagram Success
for brands on Instagram takes more than publishing attractive images—it
is the product of thoughtful strategy, a well-defined brand identity
grounded in visual creativity and effective community management.               ...

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Small Business Tactics for Facebook
is a tried and true social media platform that businesses love to use as it’s
very intuitive and requires only a few baseline perquisites, unlike other
networks such as Pinterest that can be a little labyrinthine. Though Facebook
is relatively a gr...
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