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Carrie Showalter
Welcome to 60 Pounds of Pancakes. A blog about hospitality, decorating, revamping and redeeming.
Welcome to 60 Pounds of Pancakes. A blog about hospitality, decorating, revamping and redeeming.

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Add a Successful Lemondade Stand to Your Yard Sale
What is it about lemonade stands that makes me groan?  I'm kind of germ-a-phob so I guess that's why it never appeals to me.  But we needed a way to include our daughter in our adoption yard sale (she's so excited about being a big sister) and a lemonade st...

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Tips for a Successful Yard Sale Fundraiser
Adoptions can be expensive, in order to help with some of the costs we hosted a yard sale. We didn't have a lot of time because we wanted to have our sale before it got too cold, so we learned quickly what we needed to do to hold a successful sale.  Here ar...

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Freezer Meals to Wrap up Winter
No matter where you live, I think we're all sick of winter!  I knew we were in trouble when I went to my freezer and all I had left was a 5 lb. bag of ice, some old frozen hash browns and a pile of summer's popsicles.  So I decided to make some freezer meal...

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Dr. Seuss Theme Playroom and Reading Nook
We have a bonus room in our home that we decided to make the playroom. It's a large space to give over to toys, however, it did eliminate our living room from being kiddie land. It was well worth it! Here's our jumping off point... To fund my project, I sol...

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Freezer Meals Made Easy: Tips You Should Know
Having a fully stocked freezer is a great feeling.  Especially during winter months when everyone is busy or you just want to snuggle in and stay at home.  I particularly love how a stocked freezer means I can go to the grocery less often!  That is a task I...

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Organizing Holiday Gift Wrap
As part of my craft room reorganization ,  I decided to sort through all the gift wrap I had made a huge mess of at Christmas.  The first time I organized my craft room I moved all the gift wrap to the basement.  It really wasn't handy in the basement and m...

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Craft Room Do-Over and Over
We were in desperate need of a place to put all of our arts and crafts supplies.  My daughter loves to make art, write stories, draw pictures, you name it!  Fortunately, we had a terrific room in our house that was perfect.  When I started this project abou...

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Taco Egg Rolls
You're going to love this simple weeknight meal.  Tacos are an easy meal we eat a few times a month.  There's nothing faster!  In fact, I buy ground beef in bulk, cook it all at once and divide it in one pound servings in a gallon size freezer bag.  So when...

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Stocking Up with Freezer Meals
The other day I wrote a post about one of our favorite freezer meals, ham pot pie . One meal, though, isn't enough to stock my freezer!  My freezer was nearly empty and I love having meals ready to get me through the Christmas season.  I tried a few new thi...

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Ham Pot Pie, A Favorite Freezer Meal
I love having a fully stocked freezer, filled with enough meals to help me get through the weeks leading up to Christmas.  With so many evening activities, it's awesome to have meals ready to throw in the oven or in the crockpot.  My current favorite freeze...
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