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Learn it - Live it - Give it
Learn it - Live it - Give it


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This week we decided to check back in, expand on the subject, with some tips on how to alleviate the loved ones in your life, not feeling appreciated.

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How to influence via Storytelling! This is a GAME CHANGER!!!

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As we look to make this change, planning comes to the forefront of our minds. I’ve said this over and over – Your dream life does not happen by accident.

With that being said.. What is your performance plan?

In this week’s Vlog, we dive into the key difference between those who achieve their dream and those whose remains just that.. a dream!

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In today’s Vlog, we touch on a subject that has been key to our success in the last 7 years of business. It’s something I’m passionate about as not only something we have done to get us where we are today, but we keep it at the forefront of our minds as we continue to grow!

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One question that leads to BIG results!!!

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Today in JRCtv we are diving into what it takes to keep those sparks alive in a relationship, the magic sauce that makes someone feel important. This is also one of the 7 key factors that relationship expert John Gottman says helps to build long lasting trust and commitment in a relationship.

What are we focused on today….

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Whenever there’s a new phase, or stage or simply beginning to something new it’s likely some fears may come up and slow down the momentum we’ve built up to this moment. What’s a fear you’re faced with right now?

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There are few things that pain me more than seeing someone in deep emotional pain.

Whether it’s something that has happened to them recently or 20 years ago, seeing someone bear the burden of carrying emotional baggage weighs heavy on my heart..

So today, if you or someone you know is living with the weight of past pain whether from a person, a situation, or experience, please do me a favor and share this.

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She has done it, I've done it and YOU can do it too...

If you have a dream of starting your own business or expanding the one you have (online) then you 100% will want to tune in and watch this interview I did with Marie Forleo about turning Passion into Profits... Enjoy! (and pass it on!)

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Are you rich if you are a slave to your business?

Are you smart if you’ve built a business that only runs when you’re working creating massive pressure to always be "on"?

Are you successful if you’ve made tons of money but on your death bed, because you let this one thing called stress take over your life?

My answer would be no.

Yet somehow we’ve glamorized this thing called STRESS. Today we are diving into something that I’m very passionate about. I’ve nearly built a whole business and life around eliminating it… well kind of... (I’ve actually built a business around helping you become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of YOU.. in doing that there is a key “thing” we want to eliminate… read on)

Here’s the thing, today’s topic seems to be an epidemic in our society, especially among entrepreneurs. The worst part is we wear this thing like it’s a badge of honor.

However, the very thing we are talking about today is something that causes all sorts of terrible health effects - anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, skin issues, hormone imbalances, it’s very very hard on the body.

My concern is that in the quest to become a “successful entrepreneur” some have forgotten what success even means.

Today I’m going to help you have it all - the business, the life, the love you want without the stress. Tune in and download today’s worksheet that has 3 very powerful questions I don’t want you to miss.
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