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As a nurse and migraine sufferer for decades, I have found that prevention IS worth a pound of cure. Put your migraine headaches on a calendar and keep an accompanying journal. You should have a pretty good picture after a couple of months. Many women who have monthly migraines find that they are tied to hormone fluctuations premenstrually. Pregnant women will find that they may have more during the first few months of their pregnancy. You may find that your lack of actual water and or electrolyte intake is poor or that you are actually mildly allergic or intolerant to a food or fragrance.
Make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep and plenty of actual water.
If you don't like the taste of water, add a splash of juice or flavored Stevie. . Pay attention to your body and its migraine triggers. once you've identified through journaling what they might be. My triggers changed after years of improvement I was in serious car wreck that resulted in a head injury and fractured 5th cervical vertebrae. Now I know when my shoulder blade starts hurting at a 7-8 on 1-10 pain scale I had better get some heat on it and take my routine medicine ( I often get busy at work and forget my midday dose).
so be kind to yourselves and best wishes to fewer migraine days.
What is a good way to rid Migraines? I take Maxalt melt 10mg. My Dr.will only prescribe 20 a month. I thought I was having rebound Migraines, but now that I've been off Maxalt for 2 weeks, I'm still getting them often! ! I'm taking Excedrine Migraine with An anti histamine. I get very jittery from Excedrine so the Benadryl helps calm me, with plenty of Chamomile Tea! It helps, but sometimes I feel so bad, I can't keep down water!
Any suggestions?
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The bible (Chorinthians) says you shuld not peddle the word of GOD for profit. How much of the money you are proftitting from comes from the last pennies of widows and orphans of our modern day divorced/out of wedlock families? YOU should be helping those widows/widowers and orphans instead of being blinded by what giltters. You are supposed to be in this world not OF this world. Just cause a cat has kittens in an oven...that dont make 'em biscuits. Guys search your hearts...just cuz you are behind the pulpit doesnt make you a true shepherd of a flock. Blessings to you Brothers. Hoep you will consider these words and search your hearts and do the right thing.
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