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Mike Gracia
Obsessed with digital & content marketing... and fresh coffee!
Obsessed with digital & content marketing... and fresh coffee!

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Sweet Captcha shows adware-style ads on people's websites... later removes them but leaves a clause on their T&C page allowing them to show ads...

#adware   #wordpress   #security  

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Great post I just found over on the +Social Media Marketing community - Schema is super-useful for many purposes, from local businesses to events - and more!

People sometimes find it hard to understand though, and this post does a good job of clearup up much of the confusion. Great!
Schema-org Guide for Beginners (Everyone Can Understand!)! is the attempt of search engines to make structured markup easier to understand for website owners and search crawlers. is officially supported by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. #Google now names it the “preferred” method to structure your content if you want to have a rich snippet in search." ...Read more:
#schemaorg   #semanticmarkup   #schemamarkup   #semanticseo  

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30 Minute Social Media Gameplan For Small Businesses - New post over on Panoptic #social   #business   #socialmedia  

Also, a doff of the cap to & Honourable mention of a few cool people & great tools -  +Bill Slawski - +Larry Kim / +WordStream - +Sprout Social - +Hootsuite +kissmetrics - All those folks serious rock ;)

I can feel a new blog post coming on.

How brands can turn someone from a brand evangelist into a brand cynic!

I've got a personal case study brewing right now as it happens ;)

More may follow soon...

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Ahhhh the joys of a big email clear-out.

It went something like this:

#spam #inboxzero  

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Hahahaa Good to see the Adsense revenue is put to good use :D

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This is quite old now, but love this video I found over on +Guerrilla Marketing, +Steven Severn's site.

Makes a change to see an experiential campaign that doesn't just try to scare the pants off people!

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Interesting find by +Craig Kelley - Looks like some dodgy lead gen tactics by #quicksprout  :(

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Saw this over on +Anna Binkert's page - Brilliant :D

No need for a heatmap to figure this one out! Pretty much what heatmaps & split testing show us on web pages tho!

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I've heard of (and battled with!) spammers making fake Google maps listings (Google my business, G+ local, Google Places... whatever!) previously...

But this guy used the same techniques spammers use, combined with some telecoms knowledge, to intercept and records calls to the FBI and Secret Service! - Just... wow!
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