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Technicians are the public face of any cleaning business, so it’s important that a business’s hiring process is top-notch. When our clients think about CleanSpace, they immediately picture members of our team— the people who come into their homes to perform these important tasks. With that in mind, we take extra care in our hiring processes, to ensure that our clients can have peace of mind when our team spends time in their home.

Sadly, many organizations cut corners in the hiring process. They’re so desperate to get somebody to work that they’ll fill positions without doing the necessary detective work that is required to find the right person for the job.

A cleaning business isn’t all about cleaning— it’s about people and the service they are provided. Our team is committed to providing quality customer care that will allow customers to be comfortable when we’re cleaning their homes. We’ve found that our hiring processes play a big part in retaining the high-quality employees that our clients trust with their treasured possessions.

Hiring Processes for CleanSpace

At CleanSpace, we are extremely selective when it’s time to hire a new employee. We carefully screen applicants, narrowing down the pool before we embark on one of the most important parts of our hiring process: the background check.

It’s vital that every member of the CleanSpace team has undergone a comprehensive background check before they’re permitted to step foot into a customer’s home. Our customers’ safety and security depend on it! We’re so intent on hiring the right person for the job, we typically hire only one in every forty applicants! You won’t find just any warm body on our team.

Training New CleanSpace Employees

When a new hire begins their training process, they start out in our office. There, they watch videos to learn more about the processes that set CleanSpace apart from the other cleaning services in our area. We meet with the employee to determine how much they’re gleaning from the videos and after a week of in-office training, we send them into a “test house” armed with two things: an experienced employee and a set of flashcards detailing our processes.

These flashcards offer a great deal of useful information for new hires. For example, one card might offer photo tips on cleaning floors, including what to move (and what not to move) and how to clean different types of flooring.

Every team member uses the same process in every home we clean, so regardless of who’s in the home that day, the work is done exactly the same way. No surprises, no steps skipped, and no time wasted.

Quality Control is Key

After the new-hire has learned the ropes, they’re set off on their own to work without the experienced employee’s direct supervision— but that doesn’t mean that no one’s checking their work!

Every team leader is armed with a quality score check sheet that must be completed prior to leaving the customer’s home. There, the leader can indicate that Green Seal Certified products were used through most of the home and that the team adhered to CleanSpace’s designated color-coordinated microfiber cloth system to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Green Seal Certified products indicate that the products meet environmental certification standards, and many customers feel better knowing that their home is cleaned with environmentally friendly products.

We check in with the team leaders once a quarter to discuss the work that’s been done, but if there are any known problems, we address them immediately. We’re proud of our timely and responsive customer service!

Are you interested in hiring a cleaning service with a commitment to quality that begins in the hiring process? Contact us today for a free estimate!
Contact Us - CleanSpace
Contact Us - CleanSpace

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Did you know – weekly and biweekly house cleaning clients of CleanSpace get one free extra deep clean task done each visit.

Here is a video on our blog to see how that works.

To take advantage of this offer call CleanSpace House Cleaning today! 408-215-8285

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Don’t let house cleaning chores waste away your weekend!

Call us for house cleaning while you spend your time creating family memories.

The Junior Museum and Zoo in Palo Alto is a great place to do just that! Edward the tortoise often takes a walk in the zoo. Sequoia the bald eagle takes a flight every day. Come and see them!

Call us at 408-215-8285 -

He's calling us so that he can have more free time for his hobbies.
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Ummm… We can totally help with this!

Sunday mornings are not for house cleaning. Enjoy your time this weekend and let us take care of the grunt work. Call us and we can help with your house cleaning.

House Cleaning Is Not For Sunday Mornings
House Cleaning Is Not For Sunday Mornings

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Why are the New York Yankees cleaning this lady’s house?

Because they’ve partnered with Cleaning for a Reason!

Cleaning for a Reason is a national non-profit charity organization. They partner with house cleaning companies across the nation to donate free house cleanings to women with cancer.

CleanSpace House Cleaning is a very proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason.

To see the rest of this story visit our blog post:

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For your school fundraiser or favorite charity – we have 3 hour gift certificates available to donate! Use it to raffle off or add in to a basket.

A gift certificate of 3 hours of house cleaning, one per request.

People bidding at a fundraiser have one universal thing in common – they could all use more time. An eye catching and desirable addition to your fundraiser.

Email over the info of your charity/school and we will snail mail your gift certificate!

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