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I love this blog but cannot access it now. What Is going on?

I saw Terminator Genesys for inspiration,  and realized the acid-magnet of Venture brothers needs to be made.

With the stroke of a keyboard and the force of the unknown, the was a Community. 

I am glad we have a community now.

After seeing the concept of Flesh vs Steel: Envy the Dead, I have remade my post apocalypse setting for the Fortune system.
+In short, the reactivation of buried, advanced tech are seen by the majority of the post apocalypse setting as signs of the Bygone’s return, the race of cosmic builders who made wonders before they tore it all down for unknown reasons. Now it is a mad scramble to gather as much of the resurfaced tech, wage war for forgotten lands, and gain favor to avoid any wrath. 
Players can take the role mutants trying to survive in this blend of gold rush, end of days panic, and mutations galore.
The stats for these are:

Feedback would be greatly valued.

I have decided to make the Evac parallel earths setting my first. This has the most originality and a nice set of themes to work with. If I cannot make any updates tomorrow's, happy holidays and merry Evemas to all.

Greetings to all,

I have been into RPG settings for a few years now, but have not had the time to learn all the rules and run a game with others. I have several ideas for settings I could work on:

+ How do you evacuate an alternate Earth? Players will be working for a vast organization dedicated to saving as many lives and cultures on parallel Earths as they can from a self -cannibalizing multiverse. 

+A post apocalypse space opera, where newly free slave races must combine their technology into strange hybrids to explore the galactic ruins of their former masters. Half the fun could be mixing tech from different races to get different results.

+A mulitversal mega-city, founded as a harbor for travelers across universes. This setting is essentially the bridge for a crossover game for any number of settings, where almost anything can happen.

+A transhuman fantasy setting, where wizards could resleeve into dragon bodies, magic is used by everyone, and relations between the living and the undead have never been better.

Feedback would be helpful.

I am excited for the amount of settings, including Nova Praxis, Burn Shift, Mindjammer, and hopefully a version of Base Raiders. Then add in all the homebrew settings.
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