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Ken Bailey
Proud Jamaican - Avid Skater - Aspiring Neurosurgeon
Proud Jamaican - Avid Skater - Aspiring Neurosurgeon

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So I got started on rebuilding my quad last night. About two weeks ago I built my zmr250 all the way with unresponsive ESCs. I had flashed the wrong version of blheli to them. So I had to tear it all down. I actually planned on using some sn20a blheli ESCs instead but a friend of mine asked to see them and miraculously fixed them for me :) - I actually had ordered the ESCs and a cc3d so now I get to use them on another build!

So this build is just to get started flying LOS. So no fpv equipment, just the barebones. I'm using 4 sunny sky 2300kv motors with blue series 12a ESCs. On the first failed build I had tons of extra wire hanging off, I decided to use as little as possible this time around. I have a red 3d printed spacer kit separating the bottom layers. That allowed me to keep all the power distribution out of sight.

I have everything assembled and now I'm just waiting for my cc3d to come in on Monday so I can get everything configured. I plan on getting black and gold colored electrical tape to cover and secure the ESCs to the arms; gold for orientation.

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