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they're adorable but really nasty creatures
Watch out the kangarooo!!...AH**Hahahahaha!!!
Kangaroos are as wild as they come am not a big fan though I like to watch them,I prefer other rodents like squirrels chimpmunks hares and rabbits that's about it
Then what are they?I thought they were all in the rat family +Pierre Gardin
Tren C
Kangaroos particularly as almost as biologically different as sharks and whales from what I understand. I think marsupials are not technically mammals, but I may be wrong.
+Tren C You're wrong. Females produce breast milk, therefore they are mammals as well. But completely unrelated to rats. +Edward Solomon Hares and rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha.
Tren C
Cheers +Pierre Gardin , for some reason I had thought the birth of an "incomplete" offspring was the defining factor :)
u know wat they say, dont stand to close to a lake, or a kangaro will come and push u in
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