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Neha g
ryt it happens :)
it worked once.. imma try this w/ other peeps at my school!!! :D
ask to write 66 then will 100% work.
The trick for me was how I started the 6. Draw it backwards so the loop is in sync with your foot
whats the reason? I am sure it is psychological!
Not if you start the 6 inwards then to top instead of top to inwards...haha
Here's a fun trick you can try.

If you're not using a laptop, grab your keyboard firmly by both sides. Hold it 6-10" away from your face and stare at the keys. Now, while continuing to stare at the keys, SLOWLY lift the keyboard up until it's directly above your face.

Neat, right?
that is true... it is like you can't help it that is really weird....
I tried it and my foot stayed the same I guess for those who it does not work must have really good brains that can do two things at the same time without mess ups :)
Huh, I do this top to inwards but my legs just stays doing the same over and over...
okay i admit it worked the first time. 2nd time i caught on to it.
im not tryin this in school id look like the nut case of the school
Totally dash man.... Worked. Should i be worried?
Hey I can do it!!! write number 6 from inside out
iv tried, iv failed...only oneword to say at a time like this....WITCHCRAFT!!!
makes me go crazy . I can't do both at a time .
Wow, This is amazing..for real, can't believe it worked.
my foot did not change directions :/
it's because your right hand and your right leg are controlled by the same part of the brain .
i did it with my whole class very cool!!
ha ha ha... we are in the office and all have failed. its fun
That is so cool it actually works!!!!!!!
i got inj trouble in school for doing this
What kind of devil witchcraft is this?!
.-. i was able to do it... then again ive been practicing that since i was like 7.... im such a nerd >.<
ha ha ha....... its working, cool
Diego D
+1 this comment if trying this out made you waste 6 perfectly good minutes of your life...
I fell down! (I stand at my workstation) ಠ_ಠ
confusing cuz my hand made my leg change rotation...
i did it and my foot didnt change??? i feel weird
Now do anti-clockwise circles with your left foot and draw the number 9 with your left hand - same thing. Now do both at the same time!
I must be special, because my foot didn't change direction. Maybe my brain can do 2 things at the same time!!!!
C Steen
MOOO -- I guess I fit in with the crowd on this one -- not that it matters, but it did provide me with a laugh. Since I am working my way through the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which discusses the division of labor between brain hemispheres, I don't find it surprising. Thanks for the chuckle.
Hilarious I had my coworkers try
Mine didnt change direction, but it did hesitate.
Mine didn't actually change direction but the circle become not round.
left brain controls whole right part of body:P
Cool sort of like magical thing hehe :D
Thanks to playing the piano for 30 years, this challenge was overcome
after three separate attempts, as the mind can be split into a bass and treble clef, the left hand brain function can be temporarily rerouted to the right foot. If it doesn't work for you, it may be because I had a severe head injury in 1986, and lost the vision in my right eye, and that large section of gray matter that no longer computes vision, may be helping me with this trick.
left brain controls whole right part of body, so when we think " drawing six" , both right foot and hand make the same thing^^
WOW omg I just tryed it and it does work !!!!!
Whoever made this picture is a genius... and they also have WAY too much time on their hands...
I think that works only for right handed people.
Mine did not changed direction...I tried effect. WHY??? Anyway..thanks!
OMG! Your totally right! That's Amazing..
Why is HHRR trying to reach me? I'm just doing excercises in front of my computer XD
Lol I was like how could have possibly figured this out? We came up with an IT guy haha
haha it did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im not an alien!!!
Didn't work for me. Maybe I have a neuro-defect.
my foot aint changing direction.. it's just confused and not going either way..
nothing is wrong with u, man. you have a good control of your coordination ;)
Everyone is walking by my office thinking I have a new dance move. I had to keep doing it until I could change hands and feet without any changes of direction. Now I have a headache. It's probably the same neuro-defect +David Berg has. LOL
wow thats weird :) made me laugh though x
pretty good, but try writing 6 backwards instead and you'll notice that it will have no affect
depends where you start drawing the 6. If its at the top your foot will change :-)
i can do it...foot didn't change direction. still, interesting.
Worked for a second. Then it failed.
Kim O
Yes I tried it!
Artur D
it depends how you draw the 6, if you're used to draw it from inside out its not an issue
no... we can do it odr way 2
I guess its because of how they say that the right side of your brain controls the left portion of your body and viceversa.
yeah ....its in your mind to do number 6 than circle...
jzzz!!!!..its damn true...
think this I need to practice to control the two :) like when you pat your head and rub your tummy :)
Its new amazing thing for me :-), thanks buddy!
Mine doesn't!! is there something wrong with me?! haha
Amazing guys.......try ..........!!!
Yep it's really amazing, wonder is there an explanation!
the thought while reading it made me change the direction.. but I did it without any probs...
Hahhha dat shit is funny Lol!!!
I show this to my students to demonstrate why they can't do two cognitive tasks at once. I have had one student out of a couple hundred that has been able to perform this flawlessly.
O_o What kind of sorcery is that?!?
Mike He
wow...didn't work...
it works on me but through practice it won't..........
ha so true its hard to do it!!!had to try like 20 times
its worked wow who ever created that it wroks
Bende işe yaradı.
Ahh that works! I'm gonna have my hubs do this tonight so i can feel like a genius hehe 
u just mind fuced me

and i liked it
waa its really works... hye!! what's that mean my program working fine or not :..p
try to draw a circle with one hand and draw a rectanglur with the other one. you will find it more interesting. trust me. its very famous in China due to a kongfu novel.
my foot didnt change something wrong with me...
lol it really messed me up! this is soo cool!
It depends where you start the '6' from. Draw the 6 from the middle out and it does not work for me
brain is damn plastic .... u can make anything happen...what u need is practicing.
You are confusing your left and right part of the brain.
Well lol.... I heard of rubbing your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time but never this xDD wow clever dude
It also works if you rotate your foot clockwise and just draw a circle counterclockwise in the the air... Really cool how the brain works.
Takes a lot of concentration, but I can do this pretty easily.
Nah, sorry but my right foot doesn't work 
What?! That is funny!
I did it the first time without a problem, but the second time I couldn't
1st false, 2nd attempt.. True
That was very entertaining, a kind of pat your head and rub your tummy type fun.
haha this is crazy i wonder who originally tried this though lol...
haha somehow it just worked....but my friend can't do it
Took a few times.. but I can keep it going.. there's a way to do it with your hands also..
weird!! everytime I tried it, my foot kept changing directions....
ive tried this before and i can nail it. with a bit of practice its easy. good bit of brain training.
Hardly handled it after doing it several times.
it works .... but you can change it by practicing...i tried it....but it will be very slow at first...
O i read this in the book of imurturity :D I totally spelled that wrong but i don't know the right way to spell it.. o well!
OMG! lol,lol, this is weird, in a funny kinda way.
Not so strange, as evil, in days gone by you would have been burned at the stake for showing that to the local priest. Try to move your thumbs in opposite directions to the other, won't happen!
not at all can do it.. but most people could do it
It doesn't work on me too. I just break the circles but my foot doesn't change direction, though it's not circling again. I'm not pre-programmed then.
I can keep my foot going clockwise if I draw the 6 backward, beginning where I would normally end. But if I draw the 6 from the top moving my finger counter clockwise, my foot changes direction.
i could draw a square in the air with one hand and on the other a circle at the same time pretty easy!
that doesnt work at all on me. my foot doesnt do anything, but stay spinning clockwise!
The thing is some people do have different wiring lol
What does it mean if you didn't change direction?
ok now that is just creepy... it works?!!!!!
wow i tried it
omg that worked....weird butthat's only because of the way the brain works and how it conects you have to train your brain basically not to do that
I've been able to keep going once I thought about it
Depends on how you draw the number 6, I draw it clockwise!
Hmm... Doesn't seem to work that way for me....... I must be broken
Great just could not stop ny foot from changing direction 
Here's why (and this might now be fully correct this is an educated guess): You foot is moving clockwise yes? When you draw a six your hand is basicly moving counter clockwise. When your hand tries to move counter clockwise and your foot tries to move clockwise, you brain cann't do both at the same time, it's two different directions. So ultimately one is going to change direction so the brain doesn't have to do both at once. This will usually defualt to the brain making the foot go the same direction as the hand. The same thing applies to when you rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time. That tast however is easier to get past than this one
BeCa m
It didn't work because I wasn't focused
BeCa m
I'll try again.... It worked yay!!:)
this didn't work for me... aww, am I abnormal or something?
nada 9
its did not changed the direction
thats because  whole right side of our body such as feet and hands were controlled by left  part of our brain... our foot and hands are involuntary  movements dependent to brain command... and our brain always  keep body movements in balance .. as we move our hand feet try to respond  doing movement a certain direction to balance the movement...
im working also for that com. when i was in school  my older cousin  is also working in canada mcdonalds
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