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Difference Between
Boss & Leader
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BeCa m
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Chris Hawkins.
there are two types of leaders, go ons and come ons.
BeCa m
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I might have to pin this up at work...
Let's change the captions to "Bad teacher" and "Good teacher", then print it out, and stick them around the school :p
boos seems
The boss is like Rambo, but more badass, the leader is sukich and bland
Tina A
Well said, should be included in college how to manage classes !
Treat people as equals and they will be PROUD and EAGER to be more productive .....
Why do our politicians treat us like they are bosses instead of leaders?
if this is the difference, that means that people who want to be bosses shouuld look @ this and change their aspects
thanks for telling me i did not know.
I totally agree with the differences there.
Because Americans fail to self-educate, listen and pay attention to true leaders; if people would re-read ancient Roman, Spanish and Japanese history (though our own history would show this as well) we will see that our pre-occupation and focus on entertainment, and glorified self-interests, rather than active participation in political processes that involve "for the people, by the people," and then people would retain and foster decision-making and leadership, according to the Constitution. Instead, we allow politicians to make the decisions for us, and we allow the corruption and the special interests by our inaction and ignorance and then moan and whine that the system is more powerful. It is not. We are the Power. We are the People. We need to become the UNITED in the United States of America, once again.
Y- Fi
thanks for uploading good one
The only reason he is the boss is because he cannot do your job,
Maybe but let me assure you self education of leaders and shutting the eyes to entertainment and glorified self interest as you call it won't help us out of this economic mess we've found ourselves,its much more than that and making decisions for ourselves,well that will surely spell disunity and the desire to acquire for oneself region and city or state which will eventually lead to disintegration and probably an outbreak of civil instead we shouid elect the right people to office and pray that they make the right decisions and setup the right policies and laws that will benefit the people of America and that can get us out of this economic downturn
I think it is a great and accurate comparison.
Because they don't have management backgrounds--remember, most are lawyers. So they do it the wrong ways.
One of the most important is to ASK and not Command someone. Treat evertone with respect and always let them know that they ar appreicated.
Sometimes the differnences are switched between the Boss and Leader. This chart is good but is not an overall view of every Boss and Leader in the past and present.
humans cannot be completely categorized
It's true that humans can not be categorized but sometimes there are certain qualities in a person that can be seen in others as well.
Sometimes a Boss does not command his workers but rewards them and has the qualities of the leader in the chart. Sometimes the leader has the qualities of the boss in the chart.
I've worked for lots of bosses but very few leaders.
This is definitely a 'piece' to show to my BOSSES! I hope some people will learn from this for their next staff meetings.
Leaders like Joseph Stalin were not very good at their job. Stalin killed more people than Hitler ever did. Stalin destroyed them indirectly by having them work in factories and leaving their farms which resulted in no food for the country. This led to starvation and famine.
actually the 2 guys who run the firm I work for are both of these together and also individually.
I've had a boss or two along the way that were like this. They'd be promoted or fired before too long and so I didn't get the benefit of their leadership for long. Sigh.
Replace "Boss" with "Manager", it is also the truth.
this is great i always wondered about which one i was so now i know i am a leader praise God
that's why we have a leader in our country, Iran, not a KING or QUEEN...!
i will choose boss cause am bossy
Splendid, that makes me a leader.
I always was a leader .
thats amazing. I think I'm both.
yea I can never be a boss. I'm too much of a leader after reading this
mmm... and what happens when the employees are just plain dumb and a**holes?. Not All people deserve Leaders!
The difference and reason is the Leader has the respect of the people who work under him/her where the boss doesn't and has to drive the "mule" to work.
This is just a reflection of who they are in life, unfriendly and not liked very much.
Why are we standing around reading this post? CHOP CHOP (while simultaneously clapping her hands) Let's get some posting done around here!!!....evidently I'm a leader....hence the word "we."
someone should show this to the last place I worked. They could use a lesson in humility.
The world is full of bosses, and extremely few leaders.
My best managers have always been the ones who stay the hell out of my way. Had several of those. I'm lucky. 
So, in essence, you're saying a leader is someone who coddles you and treats you like a baby and a boss is someone who is actually in charge. You should also put down that the boss is appointed to his position by those above him or by his own merit. The leader is just the most charismatic person out of the group who can get people to do what they want.
I have worked for both. I prefer the "Leader" type!
Ryan S
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A great leader can lead the nation on right way
How do I share this on FaceBook? Some people I know need it.
But don't forget that behind all of these phrases there must be sincerity, which is the issue I've got with my boss, he reads down the right column like a robot, not like a fellow human being.
Not sure of what consequence this collection is.
The "Leaders" will most likely not have a good career in most large bureaucratic organisations.
Coaches is important because its plural it dose'nt just take. That's vary important. 
this reminds me of the book 'one night @ the call centre' by Chetan Bhagat
I need my boss to read this
Migue E
My boss is a leader! :D
Leader is always better because he takes care of his teammates and involves his team members to accomplish the tasks, whereas boss orders and wants his subordinates to obey his command.
I am a leader too.
one of the truest statements I've read all year.
pretty good explanation of fact -- That is why I like a leader and not a boss---- But now that I am the boss, I like the designation of leader better....It is better to lead by example, than to boss without thought
Ain't this the truth. Someone came up with this that obviously works in retail
Alan Kanczes: Corporations don't like to lead they like to boss. They're in it to make $$$ for themselves and not for the rest of the employees. Good cogs just keep working and be happy they have a job.
exactly right, money is the thing, people are the good slaves who make this money for them!
Can you help me? I really need your help friends
Sadly I can think of many people who need to see this !
Also the difference between Romney, 'I can fix America' and Obama, 'Yes we can'.
These are concepts you learn in military leadership training, along with many other techniques or characteristic development methods. Put a random person in charge and most will act like a boss. A few however will act like a true leader. Bosses want things to get done; leaders get things done.
+John Bill If you delve into the voting record, past policies, and main campaign support you will find there is very little difference between Obama and Romney. Obama, if you havent noticed, is a socialist. If you love your liberty (freedom), you cannot allow Obama to stay in office. 
Greatly differentiated. Thanks for posting.
ky won
Yeah I agree.

Bosses don't want learn from their appointed subordinates.
Leaders treat their subordinates as an equal to the team.
After reading all comment agreeing, making wishes and so on, lets call it is only rhetoric writing, yes like our predecessors the followers, agreeably, let some one else do it for us (Politicians),
Evangelina Arvizu, she spell it very clear like others many times in our time, stays there as rhetoric statements.
Sadly with 21th century technology no one is capable to organize all citizens to be one striving force of change to a better life for all...
I like to start the consumer force!
Why? Because the consumer as a unity, regardless believe of Religion, Politics, Ideals, and the most important SELFISHNESS, we can accomplish what no one could or can, to seek some balance internally first.
I know we can united...

Boss is chosen by their boss. Leader is chosen by people who follow him.

A good leader does not make a good boss though
All I know is that where I work there nothing but bosses on top of bosses and they are all DICKS
Hmm I am pretty sure boss and leader are the same thing.. what you have down there as 'leader' I would change to 'guide' or 'mentor' personally. No one should rely on others to 'lead' them through life, we must all guide, inspire and encourage each other simply by the fact that cooperation is in our nature.
Most employers that I know of are bosses!
lol, if only bosses could read
i don't like being a boss or a leader just a timekeeper easy job
This is great. Wish it was so. I believe you lead by example and that is what I try to show. Not as a boss but as a person showing the way.
This is so true. I wish we had more leaders in this world. Then we wouldnt be so messed up.
hmmm, i think it is easy ti be a boss....a bit hard to be a leader...
truu ^ buh i would rather b an leader cuz i care ^.^
Leaders don't do it for the money. Bosses on the other hand...
Every boss is not a leader but every leader could be a boss.
It's not the values it's the attitude and demeanor
That's y bosses everywhere but leader hardly to be identified. 
this is true.. not everyone can make it as a leader in life...... first they have to get over themselves then focus on the development of the team
This is very true. Not every boss can be considered a leader, and you can find leaders in places you wouldn't necessarily see a boss.
Why can't we give this to every Wal-Mart boss in the world.
A Bad Boss is like a Baby Diaper, alway on your ass and full of shit!!!!!!!!
i like this because the best bosses are great leaders.
We need more leaders in government, not bosses- fund raisers!
And that's why bosses should be fired and leaders should be hired
hai i am shri from chennai u have a good que? yaa. thank u.
ya leader is lead the people but boss he can't to lead the peoples
I know A LOT of people that need to read and understand this.
Haha. Some people I know should read this.
I will share this one on my Boss's wall :p
Great post! Leaders of this type are the most desired people in ANY captivity. Bosses, Fathers, Friends.
Vi T
wow i don't know any of your people but its great seeing what put up i love this its awesome love the post
Even a leader should say "I". Like I am responsible ....
thanks for the info, now I definitely know where I stand
Seems like the "Boss" is more of an "I" type and the Leader is more of a "Me & U"....
We had this on our management class. Ah, good times :)
World has bosses! Leaders are miles
There's a difference between a leader and a boss and its that as humanbeings we all want to be lead guided through life directed on how to weather the storm and how to bask in our sucesses and prosperity,while a boss is much hated orders others around is a crusader of social inequality and status.its quite simple people crave for a leader while people despise a boss.
that is exactly
this is one of the most useful posts on G+
There is another angle to this. Companies need managers and leaders. A "Boss" in this sense is neither a good manager or leader. There are many companies that have few bosses, are full of managers and have few leaders.
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