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Yeah and if you do nothing for them they will forget U
The mistake is doing thing for people that are not grateful
U have some real nice quotes and statements. here's one of my favorite: "I'm not clumsy, it's just that the tables and chairs are bullies, the floor hates me and the wall gets in the way" :D
Too Bad life isn't like Star Wars - slaughter millions, yet one unselfish act at the end of his life restores Darth Vader to Jedi status.
Truly fiction.
I find it easy to forgive mistakes, for we all make them. It's people who insist on making mistakes who irk me.
but i keep doing nice thing and i keep smiling , coz that what makes me really happy
Said another way:

"You can build bridges your whole life, and they'll never call you a bridge-builder. But you F@ck one damn sheep..." very true
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Don't ever stop doing nice things for people! They're appreciated more than you think.
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true dat i mean how 2 mute da post but so is the post
i agree, people need to just chill-ax a bit
So true. That is human nature to see what is bad and never appreciate what is good. We should aim to do good without expecting recipients of our good deeds to repay us
yupp agree this has happened to me many times.
I was always told "one 'oh shit' whipes out ten thousand that'a boy's"
offers that may never stop.i wouldn't want it to stop.
krypton iodide
(this is when you have to know your elements)
Why aren't we remembered for the good things we do? Why only the bad? Our society is messed up.
When they turn 18 was not needed any!!!!! And i'm not crying ,I'M in a cocoon...
Yeah, I mean seriously, people always pick out the mistake when there is so much good that you do!!!
I do not think it's true, especially if you are sorry after a mistake; it really takes active intent for people to remember you as a bad guy, and even there it's not too bad, most people forgive very very easily. I think staying upset with a person is extremely difficult
i hateeee that!!!!!!! and it always happens!!!!!
omgosh that is soooo true... sooo me at school
This is forever happening to me
Tell me about it, i know this quote is FACT!
people only see other people flaws
idk why this happens, but it does, so thats too bad
I believe that this may be due to the fact that a majority of our society is concerned with themselves rather than with others. If everyone conciously lived by the Golden Rule, just the opposite might be true.
I still give blood every 68 -- 100 days. And thanks? You sound like my ex. Val :O. You see once you turn 19 you can vote, kill in the army and get a divorce!!!!! B-) So when he hit me with a bat. I just gave him a tiny jam in the nose :-D. PS frist he was on mushrooms and kicked a m
New fridge door :O. All I said was go for a walk? Because he had a Hart condition. He went to john Hopkins in Minasota.. 136 obstructions gone. His Mom let's him smokes pot and crazy shit :-\???. The Doctors told her he could die any day, when he was a baby

Yep, i live that on a daily basis...
It's adage popping time --sounds like a song. "No good deed ever goes unpunished." and "What goes around comes around." Both may be true, but I still subscribe to what Jesus taught when he said “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’" I can assure you that you will be kicked, punched, cheated, lied to, stolen from, and treated like garbage at some time. Having your mistakes remembered is the least of your worries. But it will all make you a better person if you will allow it to and not let it ruin you. I'm a 67 year-old happy man, married fifty years, with a lot of dents, scars, and deformities. :) P.S. I do remember being thanked a few times.
and true about how when they do something for you and you dont notice it then they will get all upset with you for not noticing their "good deed"
Reminds me of my boss.
Untrue! People, if their sights are in right, will notice everything you do good more, and the small mistakes aren't recognized for more than a day or two. Think about your own colleagues; and tell me you remember every single mistake they've ever made.
Reminds me of a story:"I painted dozens of fences in this vilage, but do they call me John the fence painter? I built 2 bridges across this creek, but do they call me John the bridge builder? But you fuck ONE sheep..."
tht is like soooooo true!!!!!! but tht doesnt matter KEEP DOIN EPIC THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, that happens to me ALL the time!
amen! ive always wondered why peopl ewere like that....i guess mistakes just stay with you becuase alot of people are more attracted to the negative things than the positive things in life. look at what out world has come to...
Lesson in life; one Oh Shit destroys 100 atta boys.
that is completly right i dont know how many times that has happend to me
AGH! why is this so true... I hate that this is our reality...
Not only that, you are reminded of that same damn mistake in perpetuity!
y like this stuff ar nutral in humainty
That is so tru and they never let u live it down
Very true. thats one of the things i hate when they notice that you made a mistake. yet they dont see the importance of you doing nice things for them...
its what have u done for me lately syndrome
I forgot to re-hide the spare key at my parent's house ONCE two years ago and now, after dozens of 're-hidings' my mother still doesn't trust me to put it back.
Shouldn't matter unless you are only doing nice things for recognition 
It always happen for me, what ever negative that attract people ... I believe so
As long as you know you've done good for others and not just for yourself then it shouldnt matter what they remember or forget
not always true, but a lot of times it is!
thats is like sooo TRUE!!! AMAZING!!! happens to me alot!!!
Taking things for granted is a problem with all of us. We must learn to appreciate the things around us, which includes the nice things people do for us. Also give people second chances. Anybody who completely goes berserk over a mistake never liked you in the first place or they are just having a bad day, month or year.
It is terrible! I literally like exclude myself from the world for like ever whenever that happens! 
Stop making mistakes. It's worked for me thus far.
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I almost hate how dead on this is.
Yeah, that sucks. It is sad how they don't know how hard you try to make them happy sometimes, but hey it is part of life.
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Bob Osa
Never fails for me
Maybe that's why I am not nice lol ;)
Your posts have always been pretty good up until this one. Uncircled! =)
That's true!! Just stay true to your self, & if ppl won't to act like that the hell with them!!
Sadly, but i guess it's called human nature!
xi khan
It also has to do with expectations people have. You do what the expect they don't see it, you don't they notice.
sadly, that is the truest thing I've ever heard.
ikr i do that all the time and i made a mistake today worst thing ever
It's also true that you can do nice things for people all the time, but when they do something nice for you, it's still a real surprise and a nice treat!
lol, "it takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to destroy it."
Duh, don't make mistakes.
until u start acting mean all the times and then they forget some of the mean things u'v done
Depends on the mistake. Small mistakes are easy to forgive, big mistakes that you can't change, like driving drunk and getting someone killed, those are harder to forgive.
So true.Happens lots of time with me..
Hypocrates!!! Have those at my job.
+Vivian Reis oh my gosh, me too! I always try to do nice things for people, but 1 mistake, and it's ruined! It's just like "People, nobody's perfect! You try and do something nice and never make any mistakes!"
But, don't you see..that is part of the test........:)..part of our growth..did you fail ro progressm today?
i know like with my friend kayla i do everything for her and when i make one simple mistake she runs around steels my friends and rolls her eyes at me
thats not nice that nobody ever notic when you do good things
you do something good noone remembers ,
you do something bad nobody forgets
The latin based word is pronounce as marriage.
I have done good things all my life,as i was taught to do. I've made one mistake,continued on with the good things,but all anybody remembers is that one mistake.
I know that is how my sister is right now. She is so made at me for no reason!
i do bad things all the time just for this reason
whisper a wish in ur hand. post this on 3 other comment. look at your hand
M Rod
Wow that's pretty sad, you hang out with some messed up, bitter people... If someone ever does that to me... They will be quickly forgotten!! I don't need people like that in my life......
Way the world works completely. Sux sometimes doe.
in a soccer team i scored on my own team by accident and then i scored on the enemy team 4 times, yet we still lost, and my team was yelling at me for "losing us the game" when really i moved us up three points
This is soo true..just the other day i relized this... This reminds me of someone & I (Elijah) I can be nice as i can be with him...but if i make one tiny tick tack of a mistake he uses it agains me forever.. facepalm
that is so true i get really crazy when that happeneds
It so true. And it's not fun when it happens !!!
Reminds me of a joke about an Irish bar maker.. very inappropriate..
but the punchline is, "But you @((@ one goat..'
that is right,i think so
tôi think so,that is right
SOOO TRUE… don't even get me started
Who are these people? Maybe you are hanging around with the wrong crowd...
tht is soo true but not all the time tht it is but mostly
classic, every one just take into account all the mistakes but the never achievements....
They r just jealous of what u can achieve.Just move on.
cover your mouth with your hand. post this on three other comments look at your hand
that is damn true................
thats so true, and me too, i never am mean to people
this is especially true at work!! I can go above and beyond my line of work, who cares. the tiniest of little matters, and the boss scrutinizes it to pieces. duuuude! like freaking out....about nothing
oh agree, with the people that surrounds me I can not be my true self...
totally true that always happens with me. Im way to nice
its because pain will always be there.
very true, how people can't appreciate the good things you do......
very very true.....that's my life...WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha that reminds me of my life -.-
This is really true for the Army. I mean you can go all in in all situations and no one even notice, but come half speed and you are the worst thing ever. I am looking for a new way to handle folks that only look for the faults in others.
amen bro or sister amen all true i hate it
and if someone never does anything nice, and then once he/she does, everyone tells how nice he is...
Unfair, but true:(
i was one of the people who never notced everything she did
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