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+1 this comment if your a star..
so my destiny is to be killed in a tornado?
Also the light from stars is millions of years old and the stars that created that light are long since dead. Just like your dreams.
Yeah, and if you ever get close, you'll die.
+Nick Iler -1 that comment because you don't know how to use the word "your."
An additional -1 for clicking +1 on your own comment.
This is my bad language skills ((I do not want anyone to die, including the star, but she - always ready - "if for love, if the dream of" Song of Russia is a
you make your own way in life
thats impisble stars r like 3456,7422,357,77454, feet in the sky
don't see anithing nice here. The poet tryed to compose something that sounds romantic, nice and "eye-opening". Dreams are nothing like stars. We never reach stars, but have to achieve our goals and dreams. And why the heck anyone want's to reach stars?)) Has anyone ever followed stars? (except for navigation causes). Have stars brought any of us here to our destiny?))) Sounds pretty, but has no sense. Sorry.
+Ivan Novosiolov, lack of poetic skills are making you say that. It's just another form of saying never give up on your dreams even if it takes you long to get it. It's a very pretty poem indeed.
what if we lost our shining star...
+ ve attitude n + ve thinkings are most vital in d way of a successfull life :)
wait, we're supposed to follow stars??? since wen was i supposed to no tht??? =p jk beautiful quote
You don't need to follow anything to get to your destiny, you are destined to get there anyway. How has this nonsense got into my newsfeed / timeline / whatever it's called?
i dont reach for stars and i dont want to i do what i know tht i need to do in order to acomplish my dreams which by the way are never coming true
its a metaphor david beech .
we need follow something to get something else.
I think I speak for everyone when I say agreed.
Totally right.. without a dream, we just don't know where to go..
fatemeh fafa - it is indeed a metaphor - which doesn't apply to something that is preordained.
Accept who you are instead of complaining that someone else bullied you into being who've become!!! Dreaming is not reality!!!
awwww.. they are there to guide us all the time, we just need to see ^_~..,
No, they lead you to an endless void of darkness and despair .
Actually, I've personally found they lead you into trees and / or lampposts, face first. Which hurts.
Dreams are usally things that you want to be that your not.
I agree .... great words
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
you should like join my poem page ur poems r awesum
а вот еще: Stars a far away but you always can have one in your mind. Может ошибся в грамматике, но думаю всем ясно.
i dont think it's the "star" thing that will lead you to your destiny ??
hehe weird >,<
its difficult 2 understand but i do a bit
Sorry to ruin the out-pouring of rosy sentiment, but you cannot follow a stellar object.
we cannot bey or sell dream by any shop.........
it has no boundry
really really sensetive...I agree:D
that is the most honest and truely raw thing i have heard in a long time. i absolutely love that pic.
Yeah.... if the dream world is your destiny then yes
Now This Quote/Statement Is Extremely True <3
Unless you don't have the gear or money to follow said star.
ima toach the stares but if not ima make somthin out of Khalif
true but dreams if you follow them they can lead you in amazing places and fame but stars some if you follow them they can just get you lost
still believe it....................
<3 the saying, <3 the pic
I beliv Dreams is reality wen u face it u will achieve it, Dreams are ur direction to reality!!!!!!!!!!!.
Until someone else shatters your dreams and you become nothing
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